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Sep 24, 2007 12:59 PM

Sno la - THE BEST of the fro yo craze

Visited Sno la on Sunday after reading a post about it - I was particularly interested in trying the chocolate flavor since the OP said it had a pure, bittesweet chocolate flavor that a true chocoholic would appreciate.


This stuff is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

The chocolate really did taste like chocolate - nothing overly sweet or artificial about it. Very clean, pure REAL taste. I also tried the sour cherry and it actually tasted like cherry and not the red food coloring we have all come to think cherry tastes like. It was (true to it's name) sour, er tart. But in a blissfully sweet and natural way - like if you were to enjoy a fresh cherry. There were a couple of other flavors, the obligatory plain tart, mango and pomegranate. All are completely natural and organic and sweetened with fruit juice or fruit purees. And you really can taste the difference in the final product. No aftertaste and it's very satisfying.

The toppings were pretty impressive too. Lot's of fresh fruit. A really delicious chocolate sauce that was made of REAL MELTED CHOCOLATE and not just hershey's syrup or corn syrup/cocoa powder. I tried some very thin, crumbled wafers and they were the perfect compliment to my concotion, giving it a nice crunch.
There was also an interesting coconut milk sauce with pineapple and gelatin in it - could this replace the mochi topping craze?!

The staff was very sweet and helpful - eager to give samples and offer suggestions. They mentioned seasonal flavors were going to be introduced soon. Fig and honey was one of them - yum. Will be interesting to see how that plays out in soft serve form though.

It was empty when I went on Sunday, but hoping it is discovered so they stay in business. With all the yogurt offerings between stinkberry and the various fakeberry rip -offs, this place is legit and well worth it!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. So, inquiring minds want to know...where is it?!

      1. re: Fru

        oops, i should have included that!

        244 N Beverly Drive (Just North of Wilshire, before Dayton Way on the east side of the street)
        Open 10-10p Sun-Thur
        10-11p on Fri/Sat

        1. re: SarahM

          judging from the description, i'm pretty sure the post to which sarah is referring was mine. i tried sno:la last week, and it totally blew me away.

          i typically dread the eastward drive to beverly hills from my 'hood. once i approach that hellish intersection at wilshire & santa monica it's inevitably such a clusterf**k that i always feel like i'll be trapped there for eternity. but today i was actually EXCITED about having an appointment in bh because it gave me an excuse to go back to my newfound yogurt utopia.

          i was anticipating that yogurt all day. i stopped by sno:la this afternoon, practically drooling at the mere thought of their magnificent sour cherry/chocolate combo. i also planned to taste the pomegranate - which had caught my eye last time - and i wanted to give the italian plain another try.

          once i walked in the door, my plan sort of went out the window, and i wound up taking what turned out to be a delicious detour. before i had the chance to request samples of the pomegranate and plain, a lovely woman behind the counter asked if i wanted to taste the new flavor she had just created. it was fig and date. i love, love, love both, so of course i was thrilled to have a chance to try it.

          what a treat! man oh man was it good. just the right balance of flavors. the yogurt was perfectly tart & tangy, tempered by subtle, earthy, slightly sweet notes of fruit. i'm not sure i really noticed a 'date' flavor, but the fig essence was definitely there. i could have eaten a gallon of this stuff. of course, now i was torn...i still wanted my beloved chocolate & cherry, but i loved this new one too! i confessed that i was obsessed with the chocolate/cherry, and she told me that it was their most popular flavor, and that it had been getting rave reviews on the it turns out, 'she' is erica - the chef for sno:la. she's responsible for creating these sublime flavors...and she had read my review last week.

          when i told her who i was, she couldn't have been more gracious and sweet. in fact, she said she had been meaning to reply to my post to acknowledge the issue i had raised about the differences in consistency/texture among the flavors. apparently they're playing around with the freezing temperatures to try and control the iciness factor, so she's hoping they'll get it just right very soon...and judging by the sample i had today, i think they may be close.

          anyway, at the end of it all, i decided that i could have my sour cherry any time, and shouldn't pass up the opportunity to indulge in this new, limited fig flavor...but i absolutely needed my chocolate fix. so i got both, side by side. my beloved chocolate - which was every bit as glorious and dreamy as i remembered - and that delightful new fig creation. i alternated between the two...first a spoonful of rich, decadent chocolate, then a spoonful of tart & refreshing fig...then back to the chocolate again....savoring bite after blissful bite until i had scraped every last drop out of that adorable biodegradable cup.

          traffic be damned. this love affair is well worth the commute.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            goodhealthgourmet, it was your post I was replying to - I should have credited you in my OP - and thanked you for the review that turned me on to this place! It sounds like we're in the same boat; I live on the westside but am now obsessed with finding excuses to travel east to BH for an indulgence in sno la. I was there last night actually and strayed from the sour cherry/chocolate combo and got the chocolate and pomegranate - Loved it. I heard about the fig and date, but there was none to be found when I showed up a little after 9pm. I'm eager to try it now! I would like to eventually try the plain tart, maybe side by side with the chocolate (can't give that up) with a topping of chpped pistachio and chocolate sauce. Hmmm, if I kept the sour cherry flavor, that would be like "spumoni" almost. Ha, I think sno la should make that a signature dish! "Sno la spumoni..."
            Anyways, thanks again for inspiring me to seek this place out - I hope other people continue to discover it as well - and keep it in business! I would go through massive withdrawl if they closed. Plus, it is nice to see a place that has a conscience (compostable containers, organic) and is happy to be what they are (good fro yo) and not try and advertise it as a "healthy/lo-fat/lo-cal/pro-biotic/insert new buzz word here" thing. I am sooo sick of people trying to eat things like frozen yogurt and claim it is healthy!! Not all sugar is going to kill you, especially if it is from a natural source like dairy or fruit (or chocolate ;). That artificial, sugar free crap TASTES like crap and is probably horrible for you. I for one feel like I was kicked in the stomach after eating it. C'mon, live a little and eat the real thing. Just cut back on the soda and eat in moderation. And oh yeah, try moving, it is good for you. Ok, enough with ranting and go try Sno la everyone!

            1. re: SarahM

              sarah, i hope you didn't think i was 'calling you out' for not crediting my post! it didn't bother me in the slightest...i was just so thrilled that i inspired you to discover this wonderful place. seeing them thrive will be all the thanks i need.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                haha, not in the least. Just thanking you for leading me to it! and, i agree, i hope they are around for a long time!

    2. Geez, guys, stop it. I'm on vacation all week with all this free time to drive around and sample yummyness!

      But I gotta save myself for the Fair this Sunday!!!!!

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      1. re: Diana

        you can make room for sno:la.

        organic yogurt, no refined sugar. it's far from 'calorie free,' but it's a heck of a lot healthier than most people's ideas of a snack.

        it's all about portion control...just get a small - the 6 ounces without toppings will only set you back 130-160 calories...the equivalent of [and much more satisfying/filling than] a grande nonfat star**cks latte.

        better yet, add some fresh fruit & nut toppings and eat it for lunch! that in itself would be more nutritious than what most people have as a meal anyway :)

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Oh yum! That's a thought. Protein, calcium, fruit... I wonder how it would compare to one of my veggie medley salads?

          1. re: Diana

            you make me think of the old bill cosby routine about serving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast.
            chocolate cake is heathy: it contains milk
            milk is healthy
            it contains eggs
            eggs are healthy.. . . .

      2. Wow. Yes, it really is good. Sour Cherry with hazlenut brittle crumble The staff is a little clueless, but the product is good. If I had to use one word to describe all the flavors and the overall experience, it would be clean. Clean, cold, delicious, creamy sweetness.

        1. Not to rain on the froyo party but…

          I have to concur about the clueless staff. Granted, they’re brand new so there’s bound to be a learning curve. By my experience was laugh (or cry) out loud funny.

          When I walked in, there were a total of two employees behind the counter and two customers ahead of me: a couple and a single woman. I stood behind them for several minutes while both employees giddily fed a bunch of different samples to the couple. The single woman was just standing there next to them but neither server was helping her...or seemingly acknowledging her presence. Though there were only these two parties ahead of me, I started to get the distinct feeling that it was going to be a while before I even got up to the plate.

          Finally one of the employees turned to the single woman and asked, “Would you like to try any of the flavors?” to which she replied, “No, I’m just waiting for my medium vanilla with…”

          She’d already placed her order but the clueless duo neglected to make it, instead dedicating both of their efforts to feeding free tastes to the couple.

          I turned around and walked out.

          I should also add that one of the other reasons I aborted was the intense sunshine that was bathing the entire outdoor and indoor seating area. I had planned to sit with my yogurt and do some work, but at the hour I was there (maybe 4:00ish) the hot sun shone directly on every seat in the place. It would have been impossible to sit comfortably for more than a minute.

          Though I was disappointed by that, I was still going to get some yogurt to go, after all I’d driven to BH specifically to try out the new Chowhound darling. But when I encountered Huey & Dewey behind the counter, it was two big strikes and I’m out.

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          1. re: wutzizname

            N.B. I should also clarify some talk about their prices. I think there was a mention on an earlier post saying that a whopping serving was only 2 bucks. But on the day I was there, the least expensive item was $2.99...for the small, no topping serving. And there was a note beside that price saying something like "Opening Weeks Special."

            If the introductory price was only $2.00 when they opened, they've already stepped it up, and the sign seems to indicate that they're going to keep stepping.

            1. re: wutzizname

              i can only hope the 'special' price signage referred to the initial $2 i paid.

              when i spoke to the chef i got the feeling they truly had no plans to gouge anyone...i can't imagine they'd raise their prices above stinkberry level. i also think they may have realized that with their free sample generosity they needed to recoup some profit. from a business perspective, they're giving away too much product, but as the old adage goes, you have to spend $ to make it. i'm guessing they may tweak their sample SOP if business really starts booming.

              in any case, their product is so much better than anyone else's, i'll gladly pay at least 3 bucks for it. hell, that's what the bigg chill charges for a small cup of artificially-flavored, tooth-achingly sweet fro yo with processed sugar or splenda.

              i encourage you to try again if you happen to be in the area. after all, even professional ball players get 3 strikes, no matter how big or ugly the whiff...and regardless of whether they're rookies or seasoned veterans :)

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                I'll definitely go back. I'm sure the product is as good as you say. And price really isn't a big issue for me...I'm all about the quality. I'll just have to plan my next visit to coincide better with the arc of the sun. Or for a cloudy day.

                1. re: wutzizname

                  glad you're keeping an open mind, because it IS all about quality.

                  and hey, perhaps by the time you make it back they will have corrected the sunshine least inside. [i'm not sure they have much control over the weather, and i think the city might have jurisdiction over any awning modification.]

                  anway, i know they do read these boards, and are very open to suggestion/improvement. i'll even mention the issue the next time i go.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    I was there Thursday morning around 11:00 a.m. Had the small chocolate/cherry swirl for 2 bucks even (no toppings) I am a purist.. Liked it.. have not been to Pinkberry to compare but the tart flavor was nice in the cherry, however I would do all chocolate next time. The owner ( I think or was she the chef du frozen treat) offered me the date or fig as a sample ( I forgot already) but not a homerun for my tastebuds. I am a splenda/sugar dude I guess.. They were very nice to me and even offered me a cup of water. I ate inside as my eyes were recovering from the annual dilation administered by Dr. Eyeman.. Nice wood ceiling though..

                    1. re: Foodandwine


                      (With apologies to the Sno folk)

                      Went back today to give them another shot. Realized that there is a $2 small no topping. Confusion was in the odd way they designed the sign.

                      2. 2.95 3.95 4.99
                      3. 3.95 4.95 etc.

                      Something like that. So I didn't get that the number on the far left was a price.

                      Also, the note on the sign read "Opening month special" so presumably all the prices are yet to bump up.

                      1. re: wutzizname

                        i knew that $3 price tag didn't sound right.

                        but more importantly, what did you think of the yogurt?

                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                          I liked it...a lot. But I wasn't ga ga about it.
                          I got the chocolate and the mango.
                          Probably liked the mango a little better.
                          The chocolate has an amazing, gelato-like color. But there was just a hint of an after-taste, which may be the tart of the yogurt coming through, which didn't really appeal to me.
                          With the mango, the yogurt flavor was much more pronounced, and welcomed. And the subtle, obviously all-natural mango flavor was a nice alternative to the plain pinkberry I sometimes enjoy.
                          But, since I didn't try the plain (Italian Tart) at Sno, it's hard for me to make a straight comparison.
                          It's definitely worth a try for those who haven't yet but might be so inclined.
                          And I'll go back for sure.

                          1. re: wutzizname

                            oooh, im so glad you finally tried it...and liked it! definitely sample the plain next time....i'd be really curious to hear a comparative opinion from someone who LIKES stinkberry.

                            1. re: chef36

                              I don't know much about Sno la. Is it lowfat froyo? I live up the street from it and I am tempted to try it!

                              1. re: 48pinups

                                get thee to sno:la asap!

                                it's organic, nonfat frozen yogurt sweetened with fruit purees.

                                the chcoloate is to die for, the sour cherry is sublime, and the plain tart kicks stinkberry's a**.

          2. Had it tonight--great. Chocolate and Sour cherry topped with chocolate sauce, sour cherries and mochi. Kinda like a blackforest cake.