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Sep 24, 2007 12:44 PM

Mexican Coke SPOTTED!

Just a heads up everyone.

Smart and Final in Venice has cases of Mexican coke @ 19.99.

Get there quick before I buy them all!


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  1. Go to pretty much any convenience store on the Eastside, and Mexican Coca-Cola is in every cooler.

    1. you know, while I totally understand what you mean since my husband is a fan of the stuff, still, to be honest the phrasing of that headline threw me for a loop................

      i sure hope the dea understands about mexican coke........................

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      1. Can you confirm that it's still made with cane sugar? I seem to recall reading that "mexican" coke was starting to turn up with corn syrup.

        PS: Is this the Smart and Final with the Cemitas truck in front?

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        1. re: a_and_w

          I bought a case from Costco (Irvine) two/three weeks ago and I can confirm: they are made with cane sugar. Says so on the label and it indeed tasted snappier than the HFCS version.

        2. How do you know if it's Mexican coke or regular coke? Does the packing look different or do you have to closely examine the labels?

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          1. re: tgmm

            The print on the (glass) bottle is in spanish and the "Nutrition Facts" are on a separate label, typically haphazardly stuck on at a wierd angle.

          2. Mmmmm....crack in a bottle....

            Taco Miendo in Santa Monica also always has Mexican coke & pepsi by the bottle if you're looking for it with a meal.