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Sep 24, 2007 12:42 PM

Real Grenadine

I was in Whole Foods yesterday, and came across a product called 'Pomegranate Martini Mix' from a company called Stirrings-- pomegranate juice and simple syrup. Which is, uh, grenadine, basically. Except, of course, that these days, grenadine is mostly HFCS and various artificial flavours that could be most accurately described as "red".

I bought the bottle at Whole Foods, but it was a) expensive and b) quite weak compared to other bottles of grenadine (though the other bottles of grenadine I've used haven't had actual pomegranate juice in them).

So, hounds, are there actual brands of grenadine out there that contain actual, real pomegranate flavouring? I can live with expensive, but I would really like real.

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  1. The one I use at home is Torani pomegranate syrup. It tastes a lot better than many I've tried (i.e. it actually tastes like pomegranates), and the price is good too. There's no actual pomegranate juice in it, but at least it uses natural flavorings and sugar instead of HFCS.

    You can also easily make your own grenadine at home... mix 1 cup of pomegranate juice (which, thanks to Pom, is available even at Walmart now) and 1 cup of sugar, and heat it until the sugar is completely dissolved. It should keep a good long time in the fridge.

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      I do jusst about the same thing but a slightly lower proportion of sugar, about 3/4 c. It's not as sweet, and .so is more useful to me in mixing. Being unable to prevent myself from futzing around with nearly everything, I also will put a little orange zest in it as well

    2. Teisseire makes grenadine syrup. I buy it from

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