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Sep 24, 2007 11:52 AM

Tortilla chip question - Mexican Corner NR and others

I've been to Mexican Corner several times now and have a question for the others of yo I know frequent the place and others in NR/PC.

First time and maybe first few times, the salsa and homemade tortilla chips were gratis - a la bread at most restaurants. Last two times, waitress brought us salsas but not chips. When we asked for chips, we were advised there was a charge and you had to "order" them. One time we didn't, most recent we did as we were starving. We noticed chips on almost all other tables and many people weren't eating them. If they are charging everyone for them, why would someone bother to order them but then push them aside? Doesn't make sense right?

So, my question... what has been and is your most recent experience with tortilla chips at Mexican Corner and others. I realize the salsas are not just brought for chips but as condiments the food to come but I find this charge - albeit a nominal $2 - odd.

Also, I hate to even think it but there was a noticeable difference between the patrons at the tables w/chips they weren't eating, tables w/out chips and tables w/chips that were being eaten.

Tortilla issue aside - food was wonderful as always.

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  1. Wow. That's like a restaurant in Vermont that gave one basket of bread and then charged for the second. How low can they go?

    Thanks for the info, I'll cross them off my list.

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    1. re: dolores

      Oh Dolores - no don't do that. I didn't mean to alienate anyone. It's a sincere question and I find it odd. Mexican Corner is a wonderful place - wonderful food, accomodating and gracious if not alway quick and efficient service. Do go back. We keep trying new things (and ordering our favorites too so a lot of food each time) and almost everything has been wonderful and sooo reasonable price wise that it's hard to begrudge the $2 chips - just seems freaky. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced that there or elsewhere.

      By the way also -- bought paletas at Flor de Michoacan and have to tell you --- get thee to Port Chester. Paleteria Fernandez is in a whole different class. There's no comparison between the two. Fernandez is sooo much better.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Just called them -- small size chips $1.50, regular order $2.25.

        Are they insane?

        I just called Little Mexican Cafe -- they don't charge for chips with their salsa.

      2. My husband and I have frequented the Mexican Corner for years. My husband is from Mexico and I am a referred to as the blond Mexican or gringa by my Mexican in-laws. I was born and raised in New Rochelle so I am very familiar with the Mexican Corner. We do enjoy The Mexican Corner’s food and always order the chips. We have never received free chips there. Typically the Mexican culture does not even eat chips and dip. This is an American custom. In addition my husband speaks in Spanish to the staff. He usually has extensive conversations with the staff regarding where they have come from in Mexico. The staff always treats him very well and I would think they would offer him free chips is this were the case. Overall for the price and type of establishment, The Mexican Corner is a good place to eat.

        By the way, we love the Sunset Grille in White Plains and the Chips are FREE!

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        1. re: sallyposs

          I can see their point on not offering chips and salsa (just as Bao's doesn't have duck sauce and fried noodles on the table) but the OP noted that the chips were gratis at first. That is my deal breaker on this restaurant.

          Since Little Mexican Cafe has good food and free chips, why patronize a restaurant that charges for them? I certainly would not.

          We're not talking an expensive item. I love the Sunset Grille too but have sat at a table which has a view of the gigantic bags out of which the chips are removed. They don't appear to be a gourmet item and are probably cheaper than the water that Pepsi has been fooling people into buying for years.

          Nope, there's no way I would pay for chips or eat at a place that had the nerve to charge for them.

          1. re: dolores

            Hey Dolores, I know I started this whole thing and while sallyposs may be right I recall eating the chips, free, the first time at Corner and being happy they were homemade (from flour tortillas) - no bags there. Perhaps the server just made an error - last time there when the tortilla issue arose, they sent our extra order of tortillas to another table (not chips - regular flour tortillas we wanted with our entree which was spectacular) and I'm sure they didn't have them pay for thems o it's possible this happened with the chips and gave me the false impression they were free - it's possible. I also know the chips stem from Tex-Mex/American custom and not authentically Mexican.

            All that said, I agree Dolores it's a small courtesy we've come to expect at restaurants - tortilla chips, chinese crispy noodles (again, not Chinese) and bread to be provided free.

            However, with Sally's assurances this is not a discriminatory practice, I would again implore you - please don't boycott this fabulous place. The food is too good and the prices are excellent. Since the upgrade the atmosphere is pleasant and the staff - while harried sometimes and a bit slow - are always gracious and accommodating. Places like this deserve to be patronized.

            I feel totally responsible for putting you off of it. Please, reconsider. After a few times at Mexican Cafe we've determined that w/the exception of their fantastic al pastor (only when the spit is running) Mexican corner has much better food overall although I still have to give the pozole at Cafe a slight edge over corners.

            I do wonder though why several tables bothered to order the chips and then not eat them. Still seems odd to me.

          2. re: sallyposs

            Thanks for the input sallyposs. As someone who worked for years at Hispanic and Latin media companies I am familiar with being known as the blond gringa - like you, in an affectionate manner. At least I believe it was affectionate.

            Anyway, thanks for clarifying. In my response to Dolores below I've offered a possible explanation for my recollection of free chips the first time we ate there.

            I did like Sunset Grille when we first went although some of the food was spotty and service was awful. Thought the chips, albeit free, were blech - supermarket stuff. Read a lot here recently that instead of maturing it has gone down hill and haven't been in quite a while for that reason.

            Have you been recently and have you observed slippage?

            1. re: laylag

              I respect your posts, laylag, and will therefore try to get to Mexican Corner.

              We're going to Sunset Grille next week, I'll be sure to let you know my verdict.

              1. re: laylag

                Regarding my experience at Sunset Grille, I eat there probably once a week. My husband and I love the food especially the chips and salsas. We try to get there on a Tuesday for the tasting menu. It allows you to experience food from various regions throughout Mexico. When was the last time you ate at Sunset? Were you aware of the review by the New York Times? Here is the link.
                They received a very good rating overall. I must applaud them on that. You know the NY Times can be pretty hard to please. My favorite is the chile relleno. I would give Sunset another try if I were you. You are missing out on some great food.