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Sep 24, 2007 11:44 AM

How to make Baked Mac and Cheese with Lobster

I had a baked Mac and Cheese with lobster pieces/bits in it at a restaurant. I want to TRY and remake this at home but wasn't sure when we add in the lobster, or if we need to do anything with it. I did a google search online and found some recipes with lobster in it, but none of them are the baked mac and cheese recipes. I want to bake it because i like the baked panko bread crumbs on top. This is the recipe for mac and cheese that i am going to use. And I also notice that some recipes say to put Truffle oil on the top of the mac and cheese. is this going to make it to complicating if I want the bread crumbs on top? How does white truffle oil taste? I've never had it, but saw it at costco and was thinking of trying it.

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  1. I don't have a recommendation re: the lobster, but I'd avoid the truffle oil. If you get a high quality oil, a tiny bit might add an earthy flavor but its very easy to overdo it and there are alot of mediocre truffle oils out there.

      1. I used to work at a restaurant where they made this.. Basically they made a bechamal of flour and milk and then added the cheese off the heat. They coated the mac noodles in this, then (off the heat still), added the already cooked lobster pieces and the truffle oil. Then it was topped with panko and cooked in the oven until bubbly. At the end, a few more drops of truffle oil was added.
        Vanity021-- If you need more specific directions, feel free to email me through my blog below and I'll be happy to walk you through the recipe.