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Sep 24, 2007 11:33 AM

Meridian Market/arancini -- still good?

OK, I'm a Kentucky 'hound with a hankering for arancini, and I'm coming to Boston in October. I've searched the board and come up with Galleria Umberto and Meridian Market. However, I found an article elsewhere that says Meridian recently changed hands. Can anyone vouch for the new ownership and/or their in-house prepared food products? I'm dying to try arancini, but I've been too lazy to make them from scratch -- plus I want to know what the real thing tastes like before I destroy my kitchen trying to do it at home. Many thanks!

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  1. I had a Meridean special..chicken cutlet, prosciutto,cheese and roast peppers the other day and it was good as ever. I've had the arancini before not this trip) and recently had 1 at GU. GU's are far superior. Try a panzarotti too..fried mashed potato croquette, deep fried with mozzarella inside.

    1. No need to make them at home when Gall Umberto charges around 2.25 for them and they are filling. I have a recipe from Italian Regional Foods that says they are made with chicken livers, peas, mozz and marinara. Yum

      1. I havn't noticed any different faces in there recently and it is a family business. I would be suprised if they sold it, but the food is as good as ever.