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Sep 24, 2007 11:32 AM

Recs Near Short Hills NJ/JFK Blvd?

My husband and I have an appointment tomorrow night in Short Hills on JFK Blvd, right across from the Short Hills Mall. Normally, we pop into the mall and have dinner at Legal Seafood afterwards, but they are always so mobbed and it's always a crap shoot of how long we have to wait for a table.

Any other suggestions close by? We can always wait until we get home, but thought we'd like to try something new in that area, if possible. We're not familiar with Short Hills dining at all other than what's in the mall and restaurant in the Hilton (right?, that's the hotel right there?), which we're not interested in (too fancy for our purposes this evening).

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  1. Although its a little bit of a drive, the last time the DW and I stayed at the Hilton we went to the Strip House in Livingston and enjoyed our meal. Although I've never been, Serenade in Chatham is close by and I hear its very good however if your not interested in fancy it may not be up your alley.

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      We haven't been to Serenade in ages. Iirc, we've had dinner there 3 times over a period of several years and, while the food was always excellent, I've never totally enjoyed the experience because, in my view, the atmospherics lacked a feeling of warmth.

      Normally, it's very expensive, but this week, they are participating in NJ Restaurant Weeks, which means they are offering a 3-course dinner prix-fixe for $35. It is *very* close to the Short Hills Mall -- maybe 5 minutes. For $35, I'd make a reservation and risk it.

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        Surprised nobody has mentioned one of my favorite places in that area and very close to the mall there - Scalini Fedeli.

        I loooove their mushroom ravioli with truffle sauce and have yet to eat anything that I didn't like there.

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          We've never been to Scalini Fedili. Do they require jackets?

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            This also look wonderful, but perhaps for another night - we were looking for something casual, as I mentioned to RGR. But between the two of you I now have 2 great ideas which I didn't know about as potentials for my husbands upcoming birthday dinner :-)

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            RGR, that looks fantastic, but a bit too upscale for this night. I guess I should have mentioned casual, and moderate :-) I will keep this in mind for sure tho - it's close to our home and my husband's birthday is only a couple of months away.

        2. Winberie's on the corner of Springfield Ave and Kent Place Blvd in Summit. Try the cheese fondue appetizer.

          La Foccacia on Morris Ave. is also very good if you're in the mood for Northern Italian.

          I've also been wanting try the Indian place, Dabbawalla, on Springfield Ave. in Summit.

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            Hi Maryelizabeth. You had recommended Winberies before, and I had forgotten about it, this is exactly the kind of place I was thinking about. We've also been wanting to try Dabbawalla too. Thanks for reminding me about both of them.

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              My casual favorites are Huntley Taverne in Summit and Martini's in downtown Millburn.