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Sep 24, 2007 11:27 AM

Up Scale Restaurant around Wayne NJ

I have to plan a dinner for business associates in the Wayne area.... Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. Lu Nello in Little Falls (about 10-15 min from Wayne) ia a really great italian resto and about the only place in and around the culinary wasteland that is Wayne which is any good.

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      Lu Nello is an excellent recommendation and the new location is decorated beautifully. Truly the only Restaurant in the area now that has it all. Your Business Associates will be impressed if you choose to go there.

    2. I went to school up there and celebrated an anniversary about 20-30 minutes up Hamburg Turnpike at Rosemary and Sage in Riverdale, NJ. Doh, nevermind that link below, I can't remove it for some reason.

      Laura Rosemary E Lawyer
      4 Becker Farm Rd, Roseland, NJ

      1. Bacchus Chophouse in Fairfield is surprisingly decent, although expensive. Depending on the testosterone level of your party it might be a good fit.

        Depending on when your dinner in, perhaps Crave in Fairfield will be open for business.