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Sep 24, 2007 11:27 AM

Best online store for kitchen supplies

By best I mean best quality for a reasonable price.
I need to buy a bunch of kitchen gadgets like a food mill, a hand-cranked pasta maker, and a pizza stone.
Is Amazon really the best?

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  1. Amazon has good prices and good selection from different vendors. I would find exactly what it is I am looking for....and then do a search for it on Ebay and compare with Amazon. There are many vendors there that sell new (NIB=new in box) items....just figure item price and shipping and see if it's worth it.

    1. the good thing about amazon is that other retailers use the sight to sell their items and you can compare prices and availability easily. you can also return things really quickly and no hassle. sometimes the amazon item will be cheaper because you will have complete control over the shipping charges. the merchants that work through amazon are rated and also the merchant is required to honer the transaction policy.

      i also like paying through amazon, for added protection. you can also use amazon like google to search for what you want, sometimes i go to the other sellers site to look at additional options and compare shipping.

      also if it is being sold buy amazon they will tell you if it is a reconditioned item or a closeout, many other vendors do not disclose this important info. i have had good luck with bed and bath 20 % coupons in many cases you just walk into the store and find that with the discount the item is a bargen. you can also find coupons on the web by googling the name( Kitchen Aid+coupon).
      i have even shopped amazon in England and Canada for some items.

      1. I'm a big fan of

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          So am I....IMO Bridge is just about the gold standard ... I find them honest & trustworthy in their recommendations....Upstairs at Zabar's is excellent for kitchenware and so is Broadway Panhandler in the Village.

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            Ive never been to Bridge but I want to make the pilgrimage soon. and Chefs catalog have a decent selection, and their shipping charges aren't outrageous.

            I like Prince for pastry supplies.

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              The only problem I have with and Chef's are their privacy policy. I made one purchase from them, and I received PILES of catalogs from other companies.

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                So that's how they got my address! Grrrrr....

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                  You're right! Amazon is great! It actually pays off to purchase in bulk and some products have a 2 year shelf life. About the shipping, its not bad considering in the end some products are still less than purchasing from the "middle man." There is a known restaurant just outside of Detroit called Lelli's of Auburn Hills, they purchase a line of awesome products called "Flavor Glow." These products where only available to through distributors and I can now purchase directly on Amazon! Well at least some of their products are, hopefully all soon. Can't wait to see their line of baking goods! These are quality products at a great price and not those cheap quality products that sell for less of a cost. I am a firm believer of quality bringing you success in the future.


          Williams-Sonoma offers premium supplies, cookware, dinnerware, bakeware, cutlery, table linens, cookbooks, specialty foods & more.

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            At, in my experience, higher prices with very high shipping costs. A few of their things are exclusive items (some cookbooks, a few All-Clad items or small appliances) and might be worth it if you really want them.

            1. re: ccbweb

              I agree ccbweb, plus three of my four mail order items were completely messed up and customer service was not helpful. I'll buy from the stores but never again from their mail order.

          2. You must decide on the quality you want. Then a site like & others, will do the price comparison. I had trouble w/ Amazon a couple yrs ago, took a while for credit co to fix, but recently ordered from snapware through them .Total mess, no response from snapware. Amazon took care of it in a week!. So, much as I like a good price, I watch others' opinions of the price And Service of a place when I buy online.