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Sep 24, 2007 11:17 AM

DiBartolo/Oakland - AWESOME new chef/food

What the F---?

We too were surprised that this was the same restaurant that served god awful food just a few months ago -with the former chef.

Yes, the maitre d' was terrbily underdressed and looked in need of a flea dip - but the waitress was very sweet and accomodating. And the food? We loved it! Had a several taster plates : calamari, frittes, seafood spring roll and ahi tartare. Plus we split a proscuitto pizza and it was plenty and only totalled $56.00.

The meanu has about 10 taster plates, 5 salad options and about 6 entree's. Prices are all very reasonable and portions are healthy.

We DEFINITELY will be going there on a regular basis and are thrilled that they have turned things WAY around!

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  1. How's the wine list?

    3306 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

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      1. re: doxxie lover

        Wines by the glass are interesting and affordable. We had a great time there too - good cocktails and food (we had the burger and a delicious pizza, as well as a salad). There's a cool bar in the back, too.