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Sep 24, 2007 11:17 AM

NY Hound coming to home- with BF

Hey Hounds,

I grew up north of the city and now live in NYC. I am bring my BF home to meet my parents and want to take him out for dinner one night in Chicago.

Looking for a fun place any food type but: Mexican, Asian, Tapas.

Price range is moderate... entrees in the 20s. Places in NYC with the atmosphere i would want (if this helps):
Lure Fishbar
The Place.


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  1. Where would you like to go (city neighborhood or suburban town)? There are some excellent places in the suburbs (including north suburbs) if you'd like to go close to where your parents live. Otherwise, it sounds like you're asking about any good restaurant in the entire Chicago area in that price range, which only narrows it down to about 500 different places... ;)

    You mention atmosphere like some places in New York I've never heard of. Maybe you could tell us in more recognizable terms what kind of atmosphere you're looking for?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      thanks for the reply.

      Area... not exactly sure, but thinking lincoln park, wicker park, wrigleyville. We are in our mid- upper 20s.

      Looking for a hip, fun atmosphere where i can get a sense of where upper 20 year olds who live here would have a celebration or nice meal. NOT anything stuffy. Does that help?

        1. re: dec132

          A lot of the hip, fun atmosphere places are Latin fusion places (NOT the same as Mexican), including:

          Carnivale -
          DeLaCosta -
          Cuatro -

          These have the atmosphere it sounds like you're looking for. And their food is very good, too.

          Spring, recommended below, is an upscale seafood-oriented restaurant by acclaimed chef Shawn McClain. I think it's excellent, but I'm not sure I would put it in the "hip fun place for twentysomethings" category.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Carnivale and DeLaCosta are great recommendations as well- but on the weekends may be quite touristy (FYI)

      1. Based on the NYC places you list and their atmosphere, I'd recommend:

        Club Lucky
        Francesca's Forno
        Tango Sur

        All of them are relaxed, and you're sure to be surrounded by other young 20 somethings

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        1. re: blondie60614

          Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!!
          KEEP THEM COMING!!

        2. Hi-

          A few thoughts-

          If you plan on going to tango sur (listed in the last post) be aware that they don't take reservations on the weekends for parties of 6 (or perhaps 8) or less--On the plus side, it is a BYOB, and the host will take your cell phone number, and call you when your table is ready; in the interum you can frequent one of the many bars on southport.

          I didn't care for the meal that I had at Francesca's Forno; I found everything overseasoned and oiled. I might also recomend quartino-- an italian small plates place, opperated by the people who run gibsons.

          Although not exactly the hippest, I really like the west town tavern-- well prepaired new american comfort

          Good luck-- let us know where you go, and how it turns out-