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In search of pizza dough on a Monday in San Francisco. Ideas?

I'm hoping to buy some pre-made pizza dough tonight for pizzas at home. Trader Joe's is the back-up plan, but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for places that sell their dough, hopefully in the Duboce/Mission/SOMA/downtown SF area.

Little Star on Valencia is closed on Mondays, so that's out.

Pizzeria Delfina doesn't open till 5:30, but I can't wait till then to find out, and they are not answering their phone yet today. Has anyone done this here?

Lucca Ravioli doesn't sell their dough.

Any other suggestions? It's not too big a deal, since Trader Joe's dough isn't bad, but something different would be nice too.


Dave MP

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Just checked their website, they are also closed on Monday. I guess Monday is not a good pizza night in SF.

      Are there any places downtown-ish (preferably muni accessible, so close to Market?). Anywhere in Ferry Building?

    2. I'll bet Bi-Rite has some high-end pizza dough.

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      1. re: david kaplan

        I wouldn't bet on it--they make their "pizzas" from Acme focaccia.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Recognize this comment was from five years ago, but Bi-Rite does now carry pizza dough in the same case where you find the fresh pasta. Have never tried it though. They also carry homemade pie dough, which seems even harder to source.

          1. re: possumspice

            Homemade pie dough?! How incredibly awesome!

      2. I understand lots of pizzerias will sell some of their dough. I know that Giorgio's in the inner Richmond (on Clement) does.

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        1. re: Laura2

          I think you're right...most pizzerias will. I called Go Getter's and they said they would, but at my lunch break today I decided to just go to Trader Joe's instead (at least this time). I don't particularly like the crust at Go Getters, and the price they quoted me was more than TJ, so I opted against it.

          If I try this in the future (or not on Monday) I'll try other places like Pauline's, Little Star or Delfina.

          Dave MP

        2. I've used naan dough from Indian restaurants before and it comes out good as long as you roll it out pretty thin.

          1. I don't know how it works in SF but if it helps, here in NYC, many bakeries
            sell great pizza dough.

            1. Maybe you could look into Za's on Polk(?) for next time. I like their crust. Not close to Market though.

              1. Arizmendi, but you should order a day ahead, and they are closed on Monday

                1. Just noticed that Canyon Market has fresh pizza dough, both white and whole wheat. It's in the cheese section near the fancy salsa for $1.99 for a good sized bag.

                  Based on their breads, it should be fresh and good.

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                  1. re: Windy

                    We eat their pizza dough regularly and it is quite good. We prefer the whole wheat.

                    1. re: ccbweb

                      Canyon Market
                      2815 Diamond St
                      San Francisco, CA 94131
                      (415) 586-9999

                      Canyon Market
                      2815 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA

                  2. Lucca on valencia @ 22nd had amazing dough, its the best i've ever tried, and their sauce is awesome too. they make it all from scratch.

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                    1. re: melclout

                      So this means that since 2007 Lucca has started selling it? Is it refrigerated or just room temp from the kitchen?

                      1. re: melclout

                        Pizza dough is so easy and satisfying to make. If one is seeking fresh dough, presumably the other necessities are already on hand.
                        Every time we eat pizza out--be it Ragazza, Tommaso, A16, or CPC--spouse always comments, "This is ok, I guess, but I'm so spoiled by yours."
                        If you make it yourself, you can make it your own--be your pref more healthful, more flavorful, or some combination thereof.

                      2. I've gotten pizza dough from pizzeria delfina in the past.

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                        1. re: hannah

                          They have a limit of 3 balls and they're $4 each.