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Sep 24, 2007 11:08 AM

Lunch near Embassy Suites Downtown Lakefront?

My Mom and I are headed to Chicago this weekend and actually staying downtown for a change instead of out on the burbs with family. We're planning on shopping and lunching on Friday and Saturday. My Mom came up with the following list of places for lunch near the hotel, and I'd love to get opinions/suggestions to narrow down the list:

Bistro 110
Catch 35
Frontera Grill
Atwood Grill
Tavern on Rush
MK Downtown

I LOVE Mexican, so maybe one of Bayless' places one day? Which one? And if we're going to do Mexican one day, it would be nice to stay on the lighter side the other. Any other picks from the list, or other suggestions we haven't thought of?

Thanks so much!

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  1. There are lots and lots of great places nearby for virtually any kind of food. You'll find a ton of great recommendations for lunch in that area in this topic:

    As for the places you mention...

    Bistro 110 - French bistro food, excellent
    Catch 35 - seafood, excellent
    Frontera Grill - Mexican, excellent, doesn't accept reservations though (Topolobampo, its sister restaurant, does)
    Riva - haven't been there
    Atwood Grill - I think you mean Atwood Cafe, very good for comfort food, in the Loop
    Tavern on Rush - haven't been there
    MK Downtown - It's called MK, it's a bit further than the others, and it isn't open for lunch

    For Mexican, I think Topolobampo is an excellent place for lunch or dinner (check out their website for hours, ). Also very good, but not as creative IMHO, are Salpicon (in Old Town) and Adobo Grill (in Old Town and in Wicker Park).

    1. Bistro 110 - I really don't like the atmosphere here. It's a bit on the "cattle call" side for me. If you're looking for a french bistro I'd go to Bistro Zinc which is a few blocks north on State.

      Catch 35 - Great pick, go here for dinner. Another great place for seafood would be Joe's Stone Crab and closer to your hotel.

      Topolobampo - Over priced and not worth the hype (in my opinion). Since you're coming on the weekend, I'd go to Frontera instead and enjoy the sidewalk cafe for lunch or dinner. Very good Mexican food.

      Riva - Located on Navy Pier, I'm sure the view is amazing. I haven't eaten here, but I have eaten at other Phil Stephani restaurants in Chicago and the food is good.

      Atwood Cafe - A really neat atmosphere- you're Mom would most likely love it (mine did). The food is good.

      Tavern on Rush - A total scene. Go there for lunch if you decide to go. Great people watching and the food is standard fare.

      MK - More of a business meeting atmosphere, but a wonderful restaurant and one of my favorites. They're fries and truffle butter sauce is not to be missed!!

      1. I agree with nxstasy and blondie. As for Riva, which neither of them have tried, the food is OK, but overpriced. The views from Navy pier are nice, but I would stick with other places on your list.

        Another lunch option is the Zodiak Room in Neiman Marcus. My mom and I love to go here for lunch when shopping on Michigan Ave. The meal starts with consomme and wonderful popovers which are served with strawberry butter. The entrees are pricy, but very good. It's worth going just for the popovers, though.