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Sep 24, 2007 10:50 AM

Halu Shabu Shabu and Vin Pearl (Ulfert's center, Dublin)

The local Times had a review of Halu Shabu Shabu and Vin Pearl last week.

Not sure how long they'll leave that link up.

Halu Shabu Shabu is a traditional Japanese shabu shabu place. I can't stress that enough. It is not a Chinese hot pot place. No BBQed meats. No buffet of raw vegetables, meats, and sauces to make your own style of soup. You still have to go in to Berkeley to find that. Some, like me, will prefer the Chinese hot pot style (because I get to "cook") to the minimalist, focused Japanese shabu shabu style. But it can't be more traditional or higher in quality than Halu.

They serve Angus beef: $18 for 10 slices ("regular"), $22 for 15 slices ("large"), dinner prices. American Wagyu beef ($87 and $119) is available. The vegetable plate that accompanies it (tofu, noodles, cabbage, 1 mushroom) looked a little small, so we also ordered the optional tofu ($3 for a lot of tofu). The menu doesn't say it, but they told us when we ordered that sharing is an additional $5. They should just put that on the menu. You also get a rice bowl each and two sauces.

It was good, we liked it. The owner is very nice and will explain things if you have questions. The young servers seem a little overwhelmed and hurried if there's a crowd and don't say _anything_. That's a real mistake when the customer is (mistakenly) expecting a Chinese hot pot style place and is not familiar with Japanese style shabu shabu. Bottom line: high quality, reasonable prices, friendly owner, disengaged servers.

Vin Pearl calls itself "fine Vietnamese Cuisine". And it is. It's a beautiful place with prices to match. At lunch the smallish rice plate with higher than normal price just looks lost. It needs something more on the plate. And $9 pho. This menu badly needs an overhaul before it's too late. Bottom line: fancy place, good food, small portions, high prices.

Hey, susancinsf. Next time you meet your son in the tri-valley area try Sai's in Livermore. It's a small, unpretentious Vietnamese place. Springtown exit, on the north side of 580, right next to the freeway.

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  1. Thanks for the report....are the prices also high at Vin Pearl for dinner? What do you like at Sai's?

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      I would avoid Vin Pearl for dinner. I went with a group of 6 so we really got to sample most of the dinner items. All the entrees were misses. The protein was over cooked and/or the sauce lacked flavor. With soft drinks only, it ended up at about $22/person.

      I have enjoyed my two lunch visits.

    2. I agree that the owner is great and passionate about making your experience a good one. I love this place! I've missed shabu shabu since moving to the East Bay from LA. AND, it turns out that my favorite shabu shabu place's owner in Little Tokyo is best friends with Halu's owner. It seems that some sauce receipes have been shared and it shows. The sesame sauce is sooooo good. More vegetable choices are going to be added. Liquor license is on the way. In case you are looking for a wait job...I know the owner is looking for someone who can explain shabu shabu to the sometimes confused customers.
      Try this place!