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Sep 24, 2007 10:30 AM

Boudin Noir

Been trying many, some are a little chunky, some have cinnamon, was a great one. All have been at least good. Do not care if restaurant or boucherie, in Paris please. l await your assistance

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  1. rue Saint Charles, the champion of the andouillette also has amazing boudin. Can't remember the name but it is at the end of the street. Also another name I can't remember rue Lecourbe at Sevres Lecourbe next to the burcher called Lesourd. Desnoyer has great boudin, though with a lot of pepper. Divay rue Bayen. le coq saint honore rue des martyrs, and also les papilles in the same street. That's what jumps to my mind for now.

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      Found five butchers on Rue St Charles in 15th, any sound familiar?
      104 Bernard
      122 Seynat
      145 Bocage
      155 Rond Point (Sarl)
      169 L'Avenir
      You are amazing,

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Not sure -- they advertise their prices in the window -- I checked the pictures on pagesjaunes but they're too small.

        Four other great addresses here:

        The one on rue Lecourbe is called Verot (charcutier), next to Lesourd (boucher). Both very good. I suspect he used to have another shop (rue Saint Charles?), but I am unsure.

        1. re: souphie

          Butcher at 91 Rue Lecourbe, hope it was the one you meant, was excellent, his poitrine fume was dynamite as well; thanks again