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Sep 24, 2007 10:28 AM

Wedding "After Party"

Hey everyone,

I'm getting married mid-day on Saturday, December 1/07.

We're looking to have an 'after party' from 8pm onwards that night.

What we're looking for is kind of specific. We're not hosting this party... We're being fairly laid-back about it. There will be a core group of 10-15 people and then other people will be joining us/leaving throughout the night. We'd like somewhere that serves a nice, reasonably-priced dinner, or at least a good selection of small plates.

We also really need this place to have a dance floor.

I was at Lava Lounge a few years ago and they had kind of what I have in mind (people who wanted to sit, chat and drink could do that, and people who wanted to dance could do that too), but we need something south of Dundas, and a bit more central.


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  1. Just FYI - Lava Lounge closed awhile ago. There is now a condo building where it used to be.

    One option I can think of is Brant House. However, the only time I have been there it was a Saturday and VERY busy. Dancing doesn't really start until they've finished with dinner and moved away all of the tables. I would check with them, but I remember that being after 10pm.

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    1. re: sam_1

      thanks for the heads up about lava lounge... no worries though, didn't want to head over there, just used it as an example.

      just checked out brant house and it wouldn't work because of the clearing away of tables... half the people who would come probably wouldn't want to dance =/ plus, i think they have a 25+ thing for guys and 21+ for girls?

      anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

      1. re: Susheela

        You might want to check out Ultra. I was there once for a dinner/bd. They have a dance floor. The food can be good, but a bit chi chi without merit IMO. It's not cheap:
        I've been there when the crowd was a bit lame, and other times when it's kind of pretentious, but if you have your own crowd of 15, you can make your own scene ;-)

        1. re: pescatarian

          MARO could also work for you, but is only slightly less pretentious than Ultra. It's located in Liberty Village near King/Dufferin.

          1. re: dlw88

            Easy at the Fifth Resto? Schmooze?
            I think you are going to struggle to find somewhere that incorporates good quality nibblies with dancing without being a nightclub and having that annoying crowd.
            Laide is a fun atmosphere, perhaps not the greatest for an apres wedding with family etc...but you can certainly have a laugh and the food is good too.

            1. re: ren horace

              thanks guys for all the suggestions :D will look them up later tonight.

              "erhaps not the greatest for an apres wedding with family etc"

              no worries, only family will be 20 somethings at this event ;)