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Sep 24, 2007 10:25 AM

Houston Galleria Dinner recos

Hi -

I'm looking to find someplace in Houston, in the "Galleria" area (and even more specifically near the Omni ... the one in the Galleria area, not the other) for dinner. I have two nights (Wed and Thur) to find dinner, and I'm not on expense account and don't have a car. Honestly I need to find places where a middle aged woman who is not a "party gal" can go eat alone ... but I'd love to experience some good tex-mex, bbq, displaced cajun - heck, anything that you think is great in the area that's not a sports bar - for maybe $20/total (or more if I have a drink), not too far in a cab (or walk?).

I am trying to pull up some ideas from the boards, but am having some problems figuring out if restaurants are in the area I'm talking about.

Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, etc.


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  1. Is it okay to reply to my own post? I did find this post and replies
    which I'll sort through, but any other recommendations would be appreciated.

    1. Glad you found the old threads. Dining in the Galleria area is a frequent topic for visitors on this board and I'm not sure if there's anything new in the area. Usually we can brag Houston is a great city for dining inexpensively but in the Galleria area, that can be tough.

      I would recommend Kenny and ZIggy's Deli on Post Oak near Westheimer for a good sandwich; perhaps a bit far for a walk, prices will push $20.

      The only bbq in range of a short cab ride would be Luling City Mkt on Richmond or Otto's on Memorial - neither among the very best in the city but that's what's available close by. LCM becomes a small sports bar later in the day, so go for lunch. Both will be $10-15.

      Go to that b4-u-eat link on the other thread, enter 77056, the ZIP of the hotel, and see what comes up. You can limit by type of cuisine, too (Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex are all included under Mexican). I was surprised at the lack of Tex-Mex in the immediate vicinity. I would avoid the Ninfa's - once a good name in Mex restaurants here, it's chain owned now. I believe I've always heard good things about Cyclone Anayas but never been.

      For Cajun, Ragin' Cajun on Richmond and Big Woodrow's on Chimney Rock -- both run by Cajuns. Both tend toward party places later in the day, though. Rajin Cajun is inexpensive, I've never been to Woodrow's, I'm not a party person while dining out either.

      I think all of these places except perhaps Otto's have websites, b4-u-eat has convenient maps so you can orient yourself to the hotel.

      1. When I'm in the area I usually eat at Canyon Cafe near the corner of Post Oak and Westheimer. Honestly the only thing I've tried there is the chili relleno.

        I just recently tried Kona Grill in the Galleria. I would go back again. I ordered the Oriental Salad. It was good and reminiscent of the Chinese Chicken Salads I would have when living in CA.

        Daughter works in the area and frequents Maggiano's Little Italy. I have never been.

        Daughter's company likes to have business lunches at Ninfa's on Post Oak and San Felipe.

        None of this is the best that Houston has to offer.

        1. Cyclone's Anaya's Mexican, 5761 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX, is close to the Omni. It's good solid Tex-Mex. Nothing outstanding, but still tasty. I admit it's been two years since I went there, but I remember the salsas and beef fajitas being good.

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            One of the most renowned restaurants in Houston is Cafe Annie which is very close to the Galleria on Post Oak. While the main dining room is definately cost prohibitive, they do have a very popular bar (Bar Annie). The prices are definately more reasonable (most items are in the teens). Here is a link to their menu:


            I think that this place would give you a much more uniquely Houston dining experience than some of the chain restaurants mentioned above. Another place that isn't cheap but very good is America's, also on Post Oak. It has a unique interior. It may be worth stopping in for lunch or at the bar for an appetizer.


          2. Thanks everyone ... right now I think I'll try Cyclone's Anaya's Mexican one night (since Rajin Cajun reviews seem to say it's gone done hill), and then try Bar Annie the other. I get great mexican in Chicago, I wanted to see how true "tex-mex" is different/the same ... and Bar Annie does sound like a unique Houston experience.

            I also may have to up my $$ :-)

            Thanks again!

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              I think Los Cucos is good tex-mex and there are actually 2 locations close to where you are staying... not expensive either.....


              I will also second Canyon Cafe - not Cafe Annie but not near as expensive either.

              I also like magginanos...

              these are all close to the Omni but you will need to take a cab!