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Sep 24, 2007 09:46 AM

I can only eat food that are white or clear - help!

Yup, not a joke. I am getting my teeth bleached this weekend and my dentist told me that for the first 24 to 48 hours I can only eat foods that are white or clear due to the porous state my teeth will be in after my procedure. Of course they gave me the boring run down of white chicken breast, white rice and plain yogurt.

Please help. Any ideas would be helpful. Here is what I have so far. (Screw my diet...oh well)

Mashed Potatoes w/ or w/o sour cream
Plain or Vanilla Frozen Yogurt/ice creams
White Fish??
white puddings
egg whites
bagels and cream cheese
Fettucine Alfredo
White Pizza (White Pizza Crust, Alfredo Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella & Parm) w/white onions
White soups?? I can only think of potato soup...need more soup ideas (served w/white bread - no crust)

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  1. cream of mushroom soup
    rice pudding

    I could get with this procedure...... mmmmmm!

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      i actually wouldn't trust cream of mushroom. i bet it wouldn't be white enough. seriously. i mean it's only for 48 hours and i'm certain you're paying quite a bit. especially with hot foods as they are more likely to affect the porous surface. who wants brown cream of mushroom soup colored teeth - isn't that what we're all willing to pay to get rid of. you just don't want to undo it. better to eat boring food for 2 days.

      oh and clam chowder's white.

    2. Congee with chicken, duck, or fish
      Pasta with oil and garlic
      Milk toast (that's going back some!)

      Thank your stars it's only for 48 hours!

      1. cauliflower (mashed/baked/sauteed)
        white beans (hot with butter, or cold with oil/vinegar and spices)
        cottage cheese
        lots of good white fishy's out there that are good with just salt/pepper and a squeeze of lemon (lemon sole, talapia, swordfish steak...all good with the cold white bean salad, by the way)

        1. If you want to go gourmet, here are a few things I could think of that are delish AND safe:

          Cheese tortellini, either with an oil/garlic sauce or with a cream sauce
          Gratins made from white veggies (potato, cauliflower, parsnip)
          Fennel and (peeled) apple salad with a white wine vinaigrette
          Cream soups made from white foods (potato, celery root, cauliflower, parsnip, chicken)
          Cooked oatmeal with cream and white sugar

          Good thing it's only 2 days.... I'd go a little bit crazy without colour in my diet!

          1. Use a straw whenever possible to cut down on tooth contact.