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Sep 24, 2007 09:39 AM

KOMI - Disappointed Me

We had a friend in town and chose to go to Komi this weekend because we heard that it was very good. Just moving back from NY and Philly, I hate to say that it was quiet disappointing. We had the $84 prix fixe menu. The best appetizers that came out was the fresh olive with sea salt, lamb gyro and the homemade crackers. The avocado with quail egg and octopus definitely did not sit well with me. Seems like a good southwestern combo on paper but the texture/consistency was weird - slimy and mushy - and the octopus had a very fishy aftertaste which did not mix well with the rest of the ingredients. Also, there was a little fish appetizer on radish which had a terrible aftertaste. The flavor of the fish was overwhelmed by the radish which was too bitter. I also chose the clams pasta dish which was good but I wouldn't order it again. I tried my friend's risotto dish which tasted delicious. I had the branzini as my entree. I was disappointed with this dish - the server highly recommended it - but the fish was too dry, the sea salt was too strong and the side tasted like medicine. We tried all the desserts which were excellent but not enough to save the meal. The service, however, was top-notch.

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  1. It is very unusual to see a review of Komi that claims disappointment. Perhaps you caught a rare off night. Did you express your views on taste and texture to the server? I wonder if they would have corrected the problems you described.

    My meals at Komi have ranked among the best I've ever eaten, in any city, at any price.

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    1. re: dcandohio

      I have to agree. Komi is DC's best, IMO.

    2. Everybody has their own taste. The avocado and octopus coarse I had twice in the last few months and loved it. And the breakfast radishes topped with butter and roe are a pretty classic paring.

      Sorry to hear you did not enjoy it.

      1. I also had an unpleasant experience at Komi about a year ago. The service was great, but I found a lot of the menu items to be too fatty and salty for my tastes. I remember going a few times in the months after Komi opened and enjoying a lot of great sides and starters where vegetables were the star. The last time I went it was a lot of dishes that incorporated pork elements and/or were fried. And heavily salted. Sorry I can't recall details of specific dishes (I know a bronzini and rice balls wre on the list of offenders), but I do want to second the disappointment of the top review and warn that the limited menu will probably not appeal to vegetarians or non-pork and shellfish eaters.

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          I dont agree with you. Komi can appeal to any type of eater, that is why they ask you when you m ake your reservation about your food preference/allergies. If you're vegetarian you will receive an all vegetarian tasting menu that is just as creative as the meat options.
          I won't comment on your unpleasant experience, b/c that's a matter of taste and Komi just wasnt to your taste which is respectable, but they do offer many vegetarian dishes and of the 6 mezzetakia bites you get i recall at least 2 vegetarian dishes (mascarpone stuffed dates and the house marinated olives)

          1. re: cleveland park

            In theory, yes. But when I went, I asked in advance if my not eating red meat would be a problem. They assured me it wouldn't. The even verified with me when I came in. And then they proceeded to bring out dish after dish with meat. They were very nice *each time* that I had to ask to have it taken back, but you'd think they'd have gotten the point after 1 or 2 such trips. But they didn't. Really kind odd.

            We also found the pacing on the wine pairings very off. They were rushing us through stuff in the beginning only to leave us with only a sip with our mains. We liked the food, but the overall impression was underwhelming.

            1. re: cleveland park

              I have glorious dreams about those stuffed dates.

            2. re: SIviyo

              With a simple heads up when making your reservation Johnny Monis will produce one of the most exciting and best vegetarian menus in DC.
              See link below and scroll down.

            3. I also had a tasteless experience at Komi! I had the several course meal as well.

              It was very disappointing considering all the raving reviews. My food was similar: very salty, textures were too mushy (many items obviously overcooked); and just overall not good, if not totally horrible for some dishes. The deserts are about the only items that faired OK but that was about it. Although I suppose some of the appetizers were OK, such as the fig w/ goat cheese and fresh olive. But then again, how much work does it take to place one olive or fig sprikled w/ goat cheese on a plate and call it an appetizer?

              Definitely was not worthy of the cost!

              1. Man, all these people not liking/not going back to Komi. Means more room for me!!!! :-)

                Love, love, love, love, love Komi. Second best food in DC (after Palena).

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                  1. re: debit

                    I put it in the other order but it's a very tough choice :) Eve is better than both, but it's not in DC :)

                    1. re: jpschust

                      Just goes to show how much of a factor personal taste is when it comes to food. Komi's at the top of my list of DC area restaurants . . . but I was underwhelmed by my experience at Eve in December.

                      1. re: Food Rockz Man

                        i feel the same way about Citronelle and Central... :) (the underwhelmed part i mean...)