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Rib Resolution


I apologize for not posting the resolution to the rib-pushing guest at my birthday BBQ in June. Shortly after my birthday we took a 2 week trip to Ireland andI have been absent from CH since. Suffice to say, Mr. Rib and Wife showed up sans baby backs. Wife divulges major revelation: "He wants me to bring ribs to every party..." and when she saw the main dish, seemed to be relieved that they did not. Mr. Rib was polite, if a bit pouty, but other than that was well behaved. Thanks to all the people that chimed in, the tons of responses were interesting to read. BTW we just had a party for my husband's birthday, as usual invited a few "new" people to be guests, (guess who didn't get an invite) and no one pressured us into accepting dishes to be served at the party. I still think it is one thing to want to bring a hostess gift, or contribute something, but after being told repeatedly "NO" why would you force the issue on your hostess? Maybe you had to be there, but his pushiness regarding his ribs didn't come off as simply over-enthusiastic. I'm sure people will have a hundred differing opinions but for me, the case of the pushy guest is closed.

  1. Glad things worked out well in the end...I have to admit I had perused the local paper for a scandalous headline for quite a while! Did Mr. Rib know of your original posting?

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      Here's the link to the original post...the replies are a blast:

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        Um...gee...thanks. You might have noticed that I *posted* to that thread some months ago.

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          Oh, I was referring to all the replies, ricepad...but some of yours were very entertaining too.

    2. We have been so worried about you! Thank you for reporting back.

      1. SJH, you have made (literally) hundreds of people's day by posting the resolution! We thank you. And we're glad that our worst speculations were not borne out.

        1. Ah! So good to hear this from you! Funny how difficult it was to just forget this one. Glad things worked out as they did. All's well that ends well!

          Thank you for this report. Hope you had a wonderful time in Ireland.

          1. Thanks for letting us know.......and I had a feeling the wife knew the score :-)

            1. Thank you for not leaving us all in suspense. Your timing is great-it's like a cliffhanger from last years tv season being resolved..

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                Hooray! I was dying to know what happened, checking the boards like a creepy stalker there for a while. Thanks for the update and I too am very glad it all worked out.

              2. The heck with us, glad it worked out for you and the trip to Ireland.

                1. I know that pushiness really, really well--it is hard to cope with, even in the best of circumstances. I am glad you prevailed. Closure feels good!!

                  1. SJH, thanks *so* much for posting the resolution to "The Case of The Pushy Guest." (Sounds like a murder mystery for Nancy Drew [vbg] ). We all wondered what went on....and some made up some fun faux endings to your story. :-) Very glad to hear his wife was sensible about it and knew enough not to bring them, based on Mr. Rib's penchant for always bringing ribs to everyone's gatherings.

                    And hope you enjoyed Ireland as well - love that country!

                    1. Whew! So glad that's resolved. Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed Ireland. It's a great country and it's simply not true that Irish food isn't good.

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                        Wow, I expected to see at least 100 replies by now...where are all the relieved hounds that we nw have an answer to the question that had been driving us all crazy for months??
                        Thought maybe I should repost so others that might have missed it will see. (grin)

                      2. I'm so glad you weren't put on the spot about how to respond to someone else's poor etiquette. I'm also so glad to hear the resolution, and so will the people at work who I told all about this thread and who kept asking me, did you hear what happened?

                        1. Thanks for posting! I'm glad Mr. Rib (and his evidently long suffering wife) came without incident. And good for you that you keep inviting new people each time you entertain. That's one of the points of having people over, isn't it? Silver and Gold etc. etc.

                          1. another who was curious to the resolution and are glad you reported on what happened!

                            1. Welcome back, SJH! Very good to hear that it came off well. It sounds like poor Mrs Rib has been through this more than once.

                              Please post about Ireland! I agree with southernitalian, above. Some good nosh to be had there.

                              1. Happy to hear your results, happier to hear that you had a great trip to Ireland, and happiest to hear that you didn't invite Mr. Ribs to your more recent party!

                                1. I had a feeling it was a case of an overly zealous husband! So glad to hear it was resolved, people were starting to wonder...

                                  1. You provided what turned out to more entertainment than your party. That long pause was a great touch. Thank you.

                                    1. it was like an Agatha Christie book - Whodunnit - we wondered if some foul play was involved!!!

                                      1. I can't believe I haven't seen this thread before this....This story provided many good reads as time went on. Good to hear that All's Well That Ends Well still prevails.
                                        Welcome back to CH and from Ireland.

                                        1. Didn't see this post when you originally posted. SO glad to see the happy ending. As ou well know, there were hundreds of us waiting to see what happens. YOur original post will surely go down as one of the most entertaining - ever- on these boards.
                                          PS- Ithanks to pitu, i found this post. She provided a link in another rib post.

                                          1. Thank you! I posted a link to this thread on the original greatest-cliffhanger-in-the-history of Chowhound thread. You do know that your story was last week in the process of winning the most famous thread ever?

                                            1. I wonder how many of us wrote to the mods to see if they would email you on our behalf?!

                                              Welcome back, SJH!

                                              1. SJH, I'm glad you had a nice party and were not murdered by rib. ;-) Poor Mr. Rib's wife.

                                                1. So glad for the happy ending. Thanks for reporting back. As a wise woman and wife, I had hoped she would show some sense in the situation and swat him on the side of his head with a loud, "You volunteered me to bring what, to a party featuring ribs!"
                                                  Very entertaining thread to say the least.

                                                  1. Thank you, SJH...you made my day! What a thrill to see a happy ending to the Rib Man! We were on pins and needles all summer long. Congrats on the trip to Ireland...now we're all jealous!

                                                    Welcome Back!

                                                    1. Well I just read the original thread and then this one to see the outcome, but I have to say I was riveted the whole time! GLad everything worked out :)

                                                      1. I was expecting a formal "resolution," e.g., "WHEREAS this pushy guest always insists on bringing ribs to my parties; and WHEREAS..."


                                                        1. Ahh..

                                                          I can die happy and fulfilled now...

                                                          1. Oh hooray! It was like a TV show that you liked ending mid-season. . .and wondering what happened to all of the characters. . .
                                                            Thanks for letting us know!