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Sep 24, 2007 09:09 AM

Baltimore Wkend: Loyola College area/N Charles St / Towson areas

Visiting our son who just started school in Baltimore.
Looking for some recs for the weekend.

Friday Nite dinner : son tells us about a outstanding Afghan restaraunt he was taken too - but cannot recall name.....any ideas? Only clue is that it is owned by a relative or friend of curent Prez of Afghanistan?
Sat morning breakfast - close to campus - searching these Boards - - Miss Shirley's seems like the favorite! That will be our choice I think - unless any othere suggestions nearby as well?

Sat Dinner: unless someone here can come up with a fun place, close to campus that serves early dinners - I think we will be stuck eating on campus (help me???) because we have tickets to a campus event at 7:30......

Sun morning: thinking about finding our way to one of those farmes markets I read about on these Boards? are they still open down there? ...... or is there anyplace near the water for a great brunch and view?


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  1. Welcome to Baltimore! The Afghan restaurant is called Helmand on N Charles St about 3 to 5 miles south of Loyola, and yes it is owned by President Karzai's brother.

    On Saturday night given your time constraints, you should try Petit Louis bistro on Roland Avenue very close to Loyola. Make reservations.

    Sorry but I can't help on the brunch front.

    1. I'd hit the market on Sunday and just eat there. Crepes, mini donuts, coffee, sausage, lots of good stuff.

      However, if you wanna eat at a place, i heart Blue Moon in Fells point. I think you could also get something at Boneparte Breads on the water and sit outside.

      1. If you don't go the farmer's market check out....The Waterfront Hotel has a pretty decent brunch, good prices, on the water in fells (Thames Street) and the food is very good. It's not gourmet fine dining but it is tasty, hearty, creative and good value. Your son will probably think you're hip given that it's smack in the middle of where the college crowd hangs out on weekend nights.

        Sat dinner...consider...the entire of Cold Spring is dominated by the Dopkin empire (Alonso's; Miss Shirleys; Loco Hombre; Spaghetti Eddies) any of these server all day and are close to campus. My opinion differs on the food but it'll be better than what's available on campus.
        Or...go south on Keswick right into the heart of Hampden and check out some of the places on the avenue. Most serve all day, so you should be able to get in there early enough to make the 7:30pm show, I would search the boards for rec's.
        Also, Mount Washington isn't far, there's Mt Washington Tavern and Ethel and Ramones.
        And yes, Roland Park does have Petit Louis.

        1. near loyola is petit louis bistro which is a very good french bistro. The Afghan restaurant is on North Charles street and called Helmand and is also very good. A long time Baltimore fav is on Cold Spring Lane near Loyola and called Alonso's and they have a fantastic and humongous burger that you will come back for

          1. Options for Sat dinner - very close to campus:

            Sushi Hana in Towson
            Egyptian Pizza (Mediterranean and Pizza) at Belvedere Square
            For very casual and quick - Pollo Amigo, 714 York Rd just north of the Towson circle has Peruvian chicken, plantains, yuca, etc. Order at the counter, grab one of the 2-3 tables in the restaurant.

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              Also at Belvedere Square (1 mile from campus on York Road) is Atwater's Ploughboy soups which are (usually) great and (usually) quick. A limited menu of soups, salads and sandwiches. I am surprised I'm the first to mention it.

              And make reservations at The Helmand for Friday night, if no one has mentioned it.