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Sep 24, 2007 08:31 AM

DC restaurants with 'pink' or 'blue' in name?

Kind of an odd request, but my husband and I are finding out what gender our baby is today, and want to celebrate by going out to dinner. I thought of Indebleu but can't come up with a 'pink' restaurant. Alternatively, we thought of going to a place with a person's name in the restaurant's name. Like, 2Amy's for a girl (but I hope it's not twins :) or Hank's Oyster bar for a boy, etc.

Other suggestions are welcome, for a mid-level price range ($100 or so for both of us, shouldn't be too hard since I am not drinking!) celebration-type place. We eat pretty much any type of food. Metro accessible would be great. Thanks for considering my weird request!

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  1. also, Blue Duck Tavern. I couldn't find anything with "pink" in the name. Farrah Olivia in Alexandria is named after local celebrity chef Morou Ouattara's 2 year old daughter.

    1. If it turns out to be quintuplets and they're all boys, go to Five Guys. :)

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        Oh dear lord, I hope not! Very funny... :)

      2. I think your request is adorable and, as a grandma wannabe, I'm thrilled to help you out.

        Rose Restaurant, a Persian restaurant in Vienna, is a reasonably close version of a pink name. (You'd have to take a taxi from the Vienna metro station.)

        If you're selective in your ordering, you can eat at Blue Duck Tavern in your price range. Definitely check out the menu online to see if my opinion about price seems valid to you.

        Indigo Landing is another blue possibility. Definitely not Metro accessible!

        Finally, not quite what you asked but the menu at Jaleo defines the name of the restaurant as "revelry" and "merrymaking." Your news certainly falls into that category.

        Best wishes!

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          Doesn't Blue Duck Tavern also have some sort of a lounge menu?

          This is one of the cutest requests I've heard of on this board btw! Congrats!!! Unfortunatly I don't think there is anywhere with "pink" in it's name. The only place I can think of is Bar Rouge (red). I know besides drinks (which I imagine you can't partake in) they have some food...mostly stylized lounge/bar food. But a cool decor.

          Hank's is right in your price range and one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.

          In terms of places with names you can check out Brasserie Beck. The chef named the restaurant after his youngest son (his other son got the honor of being the namesake for Marcel's).

          You can also check out Dino's. They are running a $23 3-course special right now so if you are into Italian, Italian baby boy names, and great specials you should check them out.

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            Indy 67, was this the Rose Restaurant that was in Falls Church, across from Anthony's on Broad Street?

            1. re: alkapal

              Not Indy here, but yes, I think it is the same ownership, but the restaurant has moved out to Tysons.

              1. re: weezycom

                Not the Tysons neighborhood at all, much less in either of the Tysons malls proper. The restuarant is considerably west of Tysons in the stores that front Maple Avenue. I think Magruder's grocery store is the largest store in the shopping center.

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                Yes, absolutely!

                Here's a link to an earlier Chowhound thread:

            2. What a cute idea. I, too, am drawing a blank for "pink" restaurants. I second Blue Duck Tavern for a boy. And what about just going to a place like l'enfant care (l'enfant = child in french) or somewhere in the L'Enfant Plaza area...i am not too familiar with the restaurants around there.