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Craving Croissants!!

Hi there,
I just returned from Paris and am craving croissants. REALLY delicious, flaky croissants...any suggestions?? Thanks!

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  1. Though there is some debate on these being the best due to French or Alsacian influence, I like Thuet's - King at Portland or in Liberty Village at Atellier...or Le Gourmand at Queen + Spadina, if you are a little further north I'd say Rahier is awsome...

    ..save your loot and skip Clafoutti, IMO, great sanwiches, good coffee, but couisants are lousy...

      1. You have no idea what you have started... but before you get inundated please allow me to mention a few locations where I have enjoyed a good croissant. Here they are (in no particular order):

        Rahier - 1586 Bayview Ave
        Patisserie de Cigogne - 1626 Bayview Ave
        Jules Patisserie - 617 Mt. Pleasant
        Le Comptoir de Celestin - 623 Mt. Pleasant
        Zane - 1852 Queen St E
        Bonjour Brioche - 812 Queen St. E
        Clafouti - 915 Queen St. W
        Pain Perdu - 736 St. Clair Ave W
        Patachou - 1095 Yonge St

        I am sure there are a few others that I can't recall at this time. One place is La Bamboche on Manor st, but they are always sold out by the time I get there, so I have never had the chance to try them.

        As for preference, Rahier is my personal croissant of choice. Always consistently delicious and flaky. Patachou & Zane are good too. Jules isn't bad, but I tend to find them a tad on the greasier side. Celestin would be a good choice, if you can stomach the absolutely rude service (every time I have gone there, it was like the guy was lowering himself to have to serve me...I am sure if he could get away with it, he would have spit in my face).

        I put Clafouti on the list, although I am not crazy about them. I find that their croissant are too mushy, but others stand by them as the best thing next to real Parisian croissants....well you can now be the judge.

        Hope you find one you like.

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        1. Almost forgot, Le Pain Quotidien is supposed to be opening up soon in a couple locations throughout the city. Never tried them, but from the buzz, the are supposed to be the next best thing to living in France.

          1. Don't forget La Bambouche around the Eglinton and Yonge area. They also have lovely almond croissants.

            1. Go visist Le Comptoir de Celestin @ 623 Mt. Pleasant.

              In my opinion, they have the best croissants in town. For the best experience, go there as soon as they open in the morning when they are still hot and will melt in your mouth. The pain au chocolat is also excellent.

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              1. re: pgfuzz

                pgfuzz, just curious about the service you recieved when you go to Le Comptoir. Every time I have gone, I am always served by that rude little man, who looks at me (and everyone else as far as I can tell) like I have just kicked a puppy, or "used his breakfast cereal as a lavatory" if you catch my meaning. Now I haven't been by Le Comptoir in quite some time, solely because of this little jerk to whom I am referring.

                Is he still there? Is it possible that I just happen to get this guy when he is having a bad day? Or is he just a miserable jerk all the time?

                I would honestly like to know, because I agree that their croissants are quite good, but I really could do without the complementary side of bitterness I always seem to get from this guy.

                1. re: Lazar

                  Hi Lazar,
                  I went there about a month ago, early Saturday morning when they JUST opened and there were actually two ladies working there :) I can't say for sure because I've only been there once, but hopefully for you, the rude man doesn't work there anymore!

                  1. re: Lazar

                    I know who you are referring to and agree with you. The last two times that I went there, two different ladies were working.

                    1. re: pgfuzz

                      pgfuzz/sumashi based on your witnessed accounts of the disappearance of the croissant troll, I will once more brave the elements, and try and get me a Le Comptoir croissant...without the troll bitterness ruining the experience.

                      1. re: Lazar

                        That guy has been there since day 1. I think he's part of the management/ownership. In my experiences, he hasn't been mean, just lacking in sense of humour.

                        1. re: Yongeman

                          I believe that he's chef Pascal Ribreau's brother, and, yes, his presence must be good for Jules, down the road.

                        2. re: Lazar


                          I don't think he means any harm...he's got a typical French demeanor-trust me it's not personal. But I agree that it can be off-putting. I actually like him-but then again I get a total kick out of the French.

                          1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                            What? Kick out the French? That is a little extreme n'est pas? ;)

                            Hey, I understand that he may be from a culture where it may be seen as the norm, I am not looking for him to be my bestest friend in the whole world. But I would prefer that he not visibly roll his eyes at me when I asked him to identify a pasty I had not seen before.

                            I mean, c'mon....French or not, at least have the common courtesy to wait until I leave your store, and THEN talk about me behind my back about what philistine I am....talking in front of my back is just going piss me off and make write scathing reviews on message boards...and liberally pepper my postings with emoticons, which means I should really stop writing about now... :) (oh jeez...I did it again)

                          2. re: Lazar

                            It would be kind of amusing if he was a fellow Chowhounder and read this post, no?
                            I did like Celestin's croissant a lot though. I did an EARLYYY morning croissant run on Bayview and Mt. Pleasant ....stopped by and bought one plain croissant each at Celestin, Jules, Cicogne, and Cobbs.
                            It was interesting that even though I came right when the stores opened, Celestin's was the only one that seemed fresh out of the oven. The other three croissants weren't hot, or even warm. I liked Celestin's the best, though it's the smallest of the four. Cobbs was the worst... will not go there again. I tried other pastries from Cobbs previously.. one was when I was in Vancouver and it was a disappointment there as well!
                            I think Cicogne's almond croissant tastes better than their plain croissant.
                            I still need to try Rahier's down the street...

                    2. Clafouti definitely...their bakers are from Pais which should ensure authenticity at least.

                      Patachou: Yonge just north of Roxborough has the lightest melt in in your mouth croissants (though haven't been in a while though).

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                      1. re: Finnegan

                        Thanks for mentioning Patachou- I work just a couple of blocks south and have never tried the place, but this afternoon my colleagues and I took a mental health break and walked over to buy some croissants. They were wonderful! Flaky, buttery...just perfect, even toward the end of the day. I also was surprised at their great lunch offerings (grilled salmon, coq au vin, lamb shank, quiches, shrimp pasta) and very appetizing sandwiches. We're going back tomorrow for lunch, LOL

                        1. re: czthemmnt

                          I've been disappointed with the service at Patachou... very slow at times and I find that they don't do a good job of keeping the place clean and tidy (in the sit down area). Other than that, there meringue cookies are nice treats.

                          1. re: pgfuzz

                            Which location? The Yonge St. or St. Clair West locale?

                        2. re: Finnegan

                          hmmm . clafouti? really? their croissants aren't so good...at all. it's a pitty, because the owner is a good guy.
                          patachou on the other hand is great

                        3. La Cigogne (the patissier is Alsatian), 1626 Bayview Av

                            1. World Class Bakers on St. Clair (near Bathurst). For some reason off everyone's radar but other than Paris the best Croissants I've had. Patachou, Pain Perdu?! Bah. Forgetablle.

                              I think most of World Class's items are fairly average but their croissants, especially the regular ones, are amazing.