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Sep 24, 2007 07:58 AM

Craving Croissants!!

Hi there,
I just returned from Paris and am craving croissants. REALLY delicious, flaky croissants...any suggestions?? Thanks!

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  1. Though there is some debate on these being the best due to French or Alsacian influence, I like Thuet's - King at Portland or in Liberty Village at Atellier...or Le Gourmand at Queen + Spadina, if you are a little further north I'd say Rahier is awsome... your loot and skip Clafoutti, IMO, great sanwiches, good coffee, but couisants are lousy...

      1. You have no idea what you have started... but before you get inundated please allow me to mention a few locations where I have enjoyed a good croissant. Here they are (in no particular order):

        Rahier - 1586 Bayview Ave
        Patisserie de Cigogne - 1626 Bayview Ave
        Jules Patisserie - 617 Mt. Pleasant
        Le Comptoir de Celestin - 623 Mt. Pleasant
        Zane - 1852 Queen St E
        Bonjour Brioche - 812 Queen St. E
        Clafouti - 915 Queen St. W
        Pain Perdu - 736 St. Clair Ave W
        Patachou - 1095 Yonge St

        I am sure there are a few others that I can't recall at this time. One place is La Bamboche on Manor st, but they are always sold out by the time I get there, so I have never had the chance to try them.

        As for preference, Rahier is my personal croissant of choice. Always consistently delicious and flaky. Patachou & Zane are good too. Jules isn't bad, but I tend to find them a tad on the greasier side. Celestin would be a good choice, if you can stomach the absolutely rude service (every time I have gone there, it was like the guy was lowering himself to have to serve me...I am sure if he could get away with it, he would have spit in my face).

        I put Clafouti on the list, although I am not crazy about them. I find that their croissant are too mushy, but others stand by them as the best thing next to real Parisian croissants....well you can now be the judge.

        Hope you find one you like.

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        1. Almost forgot, Le Pain Quotidien is supposed to be opening up soon in a couple locations throughout the city. Never tried them, but from the buzz, the are supposed to be the next best thing to living in France.

          1. Don't forget La Bambouche around the Eglinton and Yonge area. They also have lovely almond croissants.