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Sep 24, 2007 07:52 AM


Where are the best homemade/machine made corn tortillas for purchase in Dallas? I usually go to Fiesta or one of the Mexican Grocery Stores. There's got to be some where better. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Blue Goose on Lower Greenville makes the best tortillas in town. The rest of the food sucks, but man, the tortillas sure hit the spot.

    I'm sure they'll let you buy them fresh. Just give them a call - 214.823.8339.

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    1. re: Epicurious Esquire

      Are the fresh tortillas at Blue Goose - corn or flour?

      I recently moved from CA, and there all the small mexican restaurants made the corn tortillas fresh - they are great. I haven't found any in dallas to match.

      I haven't tried yet, but you might try -

      I think I used to go to Luna's tortilla, but it looks like they are now closed.

      1. re: majmaj4

        Luna's is relocating...8524 Harry Hines..opening Wednesday Oct 3rd

    2. La Luna's. They moved to a location off Harry Hines Blvd. Behind Dunston's steakhouse and BBQ. Yes that is where it is. I got some fresh one at Fiesta, local and regional mexican grocery store, that were very good. I think El Fenix, for a mexican food chain has great tortillas. Especially the ElFenix downtown.

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      1. re: redblaze83

        Speaking of El Fenix, not only do they have good tortillas, but I think still some of the best Tex Mex in town, though many on the board disagree...

        1. re: jinet12

          I would like to second your recommendation........really good old time TexMex.

          1. re: pinotho

            Add me as a third. They are also very reasonably priced and offer a large variety of items. Enchilada night on Wednesdays is a must!!! ($4.99 cheese/chili enchilada plate)

      2. LaLuna's has good salsa and other items.