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One NYC cupcake

I have time for one cupcake while I am in NY. Where should I go? Is Magnolia over? Are cupcakes in general over, I guess I might add.

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  1. Either Crumbs (www.crumbsbakeshop.com) or Cupcake Cafe (www.cupcakecafe.com). The rest that I've had (Magnolia, Buttercup, Billy's, Sugar Sweet Sunshine) are just ok, and their frostings are chalky - ick.

    1. LOVE Magnolia & Buttercup...HATE Crumb's & Cupcake Cafe

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        Agree with LeahBaila! Crumbs are just ok and Cupcake Cafe is not good at all (or, you at least have to have a specific taste for them). I highly recommend Magnolia, Buttercup and Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Specifically, the Red Velvet from Buttercup is amazing and the Pumpkin from SSS is also quite amazing. Finally, I think that the Black and White from Amy's Bread is delicious.

        1. LOVE magnolia's and proud
          Billy's on 9th are also awesome - and i like that you can sit in there and have a cup of coffe.
          Two Little Red Hens - on UES amongst other locals i think fantastic

          Crumbs are tasteless to me - look good - get the seratonin going by visual stare - but such an incredible dissapointment !

          1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine are the best, if you're looking for a cupcake that reminds you of the ones you had as a kid... for something a little more upscale, Two Little Red Hens. Magnolia is not "bad", its just that they are drastically inferior to what they used to be. Buttercup is very similar, just a different neighborhood. I don't recommend going Magnolia today if you have memories of it from 10 years ago. Cupcake Cafe cupcakes are beautiful, but the frosting is way too buttery (that's how they get it so shiny, they hardly add any sugar!) Not to mention all the artificial coloring they must use to get those vivid colors... Whatever you do, don't go to Crumbs- giant balls of dry, artificial-tasting commercial crap.

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              Second Sugar Sweet Sunshine. It's the only one that has both a moist cake and a creamy, but not too buttery frosting. vvvindaloo is right about Cupcake Cafe; the frosting is essentially a slab of butter. Billy's frosting is great, but the cakes are made way in advance and are often dry inside. Magnolia's suffers from the same problem.

              Eh, Crumbs. They look good and have interesting flavors, but it's like putting a softball in your mouth. A softball with frosting.

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                went to magnolia on saturday. 25 minute line. worth every minute of it. and that was the longest i've ever seen the line...

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                  SSS lemon goodies are quite tasty but my favorite has to be Tonnie's (120 W. 3rd St) yellow cake with chocolate cake inside and chocolate frosting. Crumbs is the last place I'd go. Pretty to look at but not much else.

              2. The answer is that you cannot have just one. As demonstrated by this thread, there is no one-size-fit-all cupcake in the city.

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                1. If there can be only one (ala Highlander) I'd go for the Brooklyn Blackout cupcake at Two Little Red Hens...

                  1. In my mind Magnolia's will never be over. It's a personal favorite when I come in to town and I think their frosting is creamy and heavenly the times I've been there. Given I haven't been to too many of the others but would love to do a cupcake day the next time I'm in NYC.

                    And if I can just make a public announcment in case any cupcake shop owners are out there: DC DESPERATLTY needs a cupcake bakery ala Magnolia, Crumbs, and Sprinkles to open up in our Nation's Capitol. I promise you excellent business if you make the move to DC...my friends alone will keep you open. :)

                    Mmmmmmmm Magnolia chocolate cupcakes!

                    1. Blackout at Two little red hens..the search is over.

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                        My picks...anything from Billy's and the mocha cupcake (and only the mocha) from Cupcake Cafe. Buttercup is pretty good but sometimes a little dense depending on the flavor. Crumbs are way too dry.

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                          You are all so sweet to offer your suggestions! It's going to be tough to pick one, so I may have to have several.

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                            i'd suggest a cookie from levain bakery too...


                            and rarely any lines...

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                              Don't waste your time. You only need to go to one place - Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

                        2. I've tried Crumbs, Magnolia, Buttercup, and Two Red Hens.

                          Perhaps I'm biased being a UESer myself, but Two Little Red Hens always comes out on top. I actually think it's because I prefer icing made with cream cheese instead of the traditional and ubiquitous buttercream.

                          I recently flew back to Texas and smuggled several 2LRH cupcakes to take to all of my friends who have raved about cupcakes since Sprinkles came onto the scene in Dallas. Needless to say, I've been asked to bring more on my next visit :)

                          1. I have had from Magnolia and from Cupcake Cafe. As you can see here, it's really about personal taste. Mine is Cupcake Cafe over Magnolia. No mistake that the frosting is full of butter and I like that more than a "sugary," almost gritty frosting, as I recall Magnolia to be. Magnolia looks more "homemade," Cupcake Cafe a little more "pretty."

                            Hey, digitalburrito--had one from Sprinkles when I was in Dallas last summer. Unfortunately can't remember it all that much, so must have been average. Be proud, don't "smuggle" your NY food to Dallas. I generally bring down NYC bagels, deli potato salad and italian heros when I visit there.

                            1. GO TO BUTTERCUP BAKESHOP! Sister of Magnolia I believe, but the red velvet are unreal..As a matter of fact, i'm going there after work!

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                                Amen! So jealous that you're headed there afterwork....