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Sep 24, 2007 02:53 AM

Vietnamese in London

I love Vietnamese food but haven't found many great places in London. Any suggestions?

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  1. I stumbled into Cay Tre on Old St a few weeks ago, it was pretty good.

    1. Kingland Road. I like Au Lac. I like Cay Tre (as noted below) too, but it's a little dirty. Au Lac is clean.

      1. The only half way decent Vietnamese in South London I've found so far is the New Loong Kee Cafe on Camberwell Road. Pho's a bit rubbish, but wonderful chargrilled lamb and fresh as a daisy summer rolls. There's also the Saigon House on Westminster Bridge Road, but I've not tried it for quite a long time.

        Can anyone recommend other Viet places outside the Kingsland Road/Hoxton area - preferably South of the river?

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          The Pacific Kitchen in the William Pub, in Elephant & Castle, is pretty good. Not quite Kingsland Rd good, but worth a look if you happen to be around there. It's a bit of a backwater, on Archer Road, and not exactly the most salubrious of locations, but I've enjoyed the food I've had there. Nice pho, good prawns on sugarcane, meatballs etc:

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            I just spotted your response - so a belated thanks! I'll be sure to try it as soon as poss. - it's not far from my office so will pop in on the way home one night. Many thanks for the tip.

        2. I like Cay Tre too, but the last couple of meals I've had there have not been so good. I went to the Viet Grill on Kingsland Rd, after reading a recommendation on this board, and I thought it was very good, and much better than my previous couple of meals at Cay Tre. It's run by the same people, but the flavours seemed fresher and livelier somehow.

          1. Has anyone been to the Viet Garden on Liverpool Road and is it any good?