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Sep 24, 2007 01:58 AM

Near Schuba's & on the way to MSP

Hubby and I are making a CRAZY road trip from MSP to Chicago.

Our very favorite band in the whole world is playing a rare mid-week date in Chicago - and we live in MSP. So we're working until noon the day of their show...a Wednesday; then hitting the road. We'll get into Chicago around 6 or 7PM. They hit the stage around 9PM.

We're heading home as soon as they are done playing, and driving all night, getting home in time for a sleepy/happy day at work Thursday morning. I know, we're nuts. But we just *hafta* do it!

Any suggestions about:

1) a good, quick dinner in Chicago near Schuba's (3159 N. Southport)

2) Hounds' fave places to stop on the road betwixt MSP and Chicago!

TIA for your ideas!

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  1. You may want to ask (and search) in the Midwest forum for your question number 2... ;)

    1. Well, Schuba's does have an attached restaurant, Harmony Grill. I don't think it's necessarily a food destination place, but I'm sure dinner will be reliably good. We've only had brunch there, but we've been pleased each time! It's "regional American" in nature. You may want to check out the website ( and click on the "Harmony Grill" tab at the top...).

      Otherwise, in that general area, there are lots of places, but with your time frame, you may not have time for an all-out dining experience (especially at places a bit further away than the immediate area).

      Can you make some suggestions with type of food/restaurant that you're most interested in? This may help us narrow it down for you!

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        The Neapolitan-style pizzas at Sapore di Napoli are very good and it's basically across the street from Schuba's.

      2. For convenience: right across the street is Joey's Brickhouse which is pretty good

        There is also Harmony, which is attached to Schubas, and is your typical bar food in Chicago

        The Art of Pizza is right around the corner, which has great pizza

        If I were you, I'd head over to Las Tablas which is nearby on Lincoln (about 3 city blocks). It is Columbian food- and amazing!!