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Sep 23, 2007 11:03 PM

ISO: Old 'no tomato' odd meatloaf recipe

I had a recipe from a late friend's ancient college/simple/easy cookbook, possibly twenty years old, for the BEST meatloaf I ever had. Through the years and through computer crashes, I'd call her again and again for the exact recipe. You'd think I'd remember it by heart, but I never did. I miss my friend and I miss her meatloaf.

I don't know the title, but honestly, until this recipe I never liked meatloaf. I'll list the basics, and if anyone knows this recipe - which is a little strange - please do post it. I've searched the internet, searched my own collection of a hundred cookbooks and I've tried to recreate it from memory, but I haven't gotten it right.

Here are the basics:

Ground beef (I think we adapted with part pork)
Large onion, grated or chopped fine (it seems like a lot of onion when you make it)
More than a cup of torn fresh cheap white bread (again, seems like an awful lot of bread)
More than a cup of beef broth or water (Yep, it seems like a lot when you make it)
At least one egg

You heat the liquid and partially cook the onion in it, then add the bread and let soak. Then you mix it all up. I think that's the gist of it. I recall trying to fix it up with the additions of several up-market stuff to impress my friend, but only the basic silly recipe had the magic. The uncooked stuff looks really loose and just impossible that it would be any good - BUT it makes a meatloaf that tastes so light, so flavorful, so tender that I'd swoon at the first bite. And the next bite. And the next day. Oh what I would give for that meatloaf recipe!

Does anybody know it?

Thank you, thank you if you can help. I crave this meatloaf so severely at times I could cry.

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  1. Are you still looking for a tomatoless meatloaf?

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      yes! I'm not the original poster but she got my curiosity going. hehehe

    2. Meatloaf - use equal thirds of ground beef, ground pork and ground VEAL - what you're doing with the rest is making a kind of "stuffing mix." Honestly, you don't need a specific recipe - you just want to keep your proportions right - and what you began with would be ingredients for about a pound of ground meats, - and about a cup of everything else. You can add sage or even poultry seasoning if you'd like (this actually works very well with meat loaf!) and you would also want to add some thyme (dried is fine here). If you're desperate experiment with Italian seasoning (that blend of oregano and whatever) - but watch it - oregano can overwhelm this). Beef broth will work fine as a liquid (you could use milk) - if you use a salted broth, you won't need to add much salt, but definitely add some ground black pepper. And unless you're totally averse to anything with the word tomato in it - here's a seasoning tip: to your original mixture, add a couple tablespoons of tomato ketchup and maybe a dash or two or Worcestershire sauce. At its best, meat loaf is kinda sorta an improvisation! (for instance, I know many mothers who sneak oatmeal into their meatloaf!)