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Sep 23, 2007 10:51 PM

Taco trucks, stands or other vendors in PHX?

I've been itching to try the Mexican hot dog vendor who sets up shop at night near (20th St.?) and Indian School. I've also noticed a mobile taco vendor in a lot at night in the 30-something block of E. McDowell. That got me wondering... are there other mobile vendors worth seeking out? In L.A., for example, Venice beach residents know that a certain "coach" has some great ceviche tostadas and burritos. Meanwhile downtown office workers hit up cheap but good RVs serving everything from tacos to gourmet wraps and salads. New York has great restaurants but also great street food vendors. Maybe it's the heat, but I don't see much of that here in the PHX area. On the flip side, we're a mobile town which likes wallet-friendly finds, so it would also seem we'd have more vendors setting up shop in certain parking lots that are empty after hours - especially in the non-summer months. Maybe the local laws make it tough to do?

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  1. The Mexican hot dog vendor, Nogales Hot Dogs, sets up in the parking lot of Guitar and Keyboard City at 20th and Indian School. I believe there are other locations for Nogales Hot Dogs, but the Guitar and Keyboard City location is the one most visible to the non-Hispanic population and therefore gets the most buzz on boards like this.

    Just a little bit west along Indian School, the Rack Shack barbecue sets up in the parking lot of the Rhythm Room on some nights. In theory, Rack Shack is mobile, but I've never seen it anywhere else and the Web site makes it clear that the Shack exists mostly to serve Rhythm Room music fans. It is nice to get a plate of food from the Shack, bring it inside the Rhythm Room, get a cold beer at the club's bar, and then enjoy both while listening to music.

    Also, Hap's Barbecue got its start as a mobile vendor operating from 24th St. and Van Buren, although it now operates from a permanent location on Washington Street. I haven't been to Hap's, but I've heard some reviews that suggest something was lost in the move.

    Unfortunately, places linking is very buggy right now, so I've been able to add only partial data below.

    Hap's Pit Barbecue
    4801 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

    Nogales Hot Dogs
    1945 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    1. There are a few hot dog stands along 19th Ave between Dunlap and Peoria that seem to rocking, especially on weekend nights. As adventurous as my husband is, and will eat anything off a cart, he gives me the stink eye when I mention stopping for one.

      I feel I can eat anything, as long as it's wrapped in bacon. YUM.

      P.S. Travel up 19th Ave in the area I mentioned. There's a lot of people setting up shop in parking lots.

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        BTW, those same bacon-wrapped dogs are available at the Ranch Market near the food court.

      2. There are a pair of taco trucks that I often see set up on the east side of 16th St somewhere between Van Buren (I think) and Roosevelt. One truck is surf and the other is turf. They usually have a few tarps strung up to shade the seating area, which is pretty large by taco truck standards. I've only sampled from the turf side (al pastor and carne asada tacos).

        1. Gourmet magazine's September issue is dedicated to Latino food, and there is an article on taco trucks called "wheels of fortune",for those who love Mexican/Latino food, it's great reading.

          1. Nogales Hot Dogs had three locations. The other ones are on 24th st south of mcdowell, some on Indian School west of Grande. Any of the other ones are not Nogales Hot Dogs, not to say they aren't good. After a night of cheap beer, nothing accentuates the hangover over like a mexican hot dog regardless of where you get it.

            If you are a fan of the heart clogging bacon wrapped dogs, Monkey Pants in Tempe has a bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog that is smothered in nacho cheese!