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Sep 23, 2007 10:09 PM

Avenue 5 (SD - Banker's Hill)

Imperfect , but worth checking out. (We did tonight.) The prices, including those on an interesting wine list, are very reasonable for the quality and care that are lavished on the dishes.

The duck confit appetizer was fabulous. Frisee, candied walnuts, blue cheese and a port reduction beautifully complemented a good-sized duck leg that had a peppery note.

The wild mushroom tortelloni appetizer was also well-made, but on reflection, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the grapes in the dish.

The tortelloni made an encore as an accompaniment to to BF's wild salmon. The salmon was topped with some tasty microgreens. Although the BF noted that citrus broth was perhaps not completely balanced/ slightly to acidic, I noticed not a bite was left.

I loved my plum tart, and the chocolate decadence was equally fine.

Service was very attentive.

I appreciated finding a SD restaurant that aims high, but doesn't have aim its prices at the stratosphere.

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  1. A friend had recommended this new place to us so we checked it out over the weekend too. We really liked it and were very impressed with the food quality and prices as well.

    We also started out with the mushroom tortellini for an appetizer which I had heard was good. We liked it a lot and thought the champagne grapes really added to it with bursts of sweetness to help balance the really meaty, savory flavor of the mushrooms. The charred corn was also a nice touch to this dish.

    We had the steak, which was extremely tasty even though the presentation was a little different than what we had expected. It came sliced over potatoes and vegetables instead of as one whole piece.

    We also tried the rack of lamb. Again, extremely flavorful and a good balance of flavors.

    For dessert, we had the highly recommended baked fromage. Delicious! And I mean really delicious! We now also highly recommend it.

    I don't think they've been open for that long so while things may not be 100% yet, it is still really very good and a very welcome addition to the SD food scene that I agree is definitely worth checking out.

    1. LOVE this place! Just had a brilliant dinner tonight! It was so good that it inspired me to write about this new gem in Bankers Hill! Literally just got home from dinner.

      S.O. and I shared the Escargot, Duck Confit, and Foie Gras (for apps)...all perfect! Main course was the NY Steak (was a 7/10) and S.O. got Scallops with Risotto (risotto was a combination of over cooked and undercooked grains, the only disappointing part of the evening). Dessert was the Fromage Blanc (super yum) and the Grand Marinier Chocolate Creme Brulee (yum). Coffee, WOW to the last drop!

      Now, this is what I'm most critical of....the service....and yes it's still a winner, A++++! Finally! This is a true and bonnafide gem! All I ask from this place is please, please, maintain your quality and service! A good place to show most restaurants in SD that it is possible to coexist together in one place!

      Price wise.... winner! Everything is well priced! From the wine to the dessert! The portions are perfect and the quality was top notch!

      Our complements to the Chef and Manager! Keep it up! Thanks for showing SD what a total package is all about! Definitely a place for other restaurants to emulate! We really need more places like this!


      1. Six of us went to Avenue 5 for dinner on Friday night and gave it a collective twelve thumbs up. The staff seems so genuinely proud and excited to be there- and their enthusiasm bleeds over to the guests. We started with cocktails at the bar. The bartender was friendly and attentive- he let us know there was 22 minutes left in Happy Hour which meant that well drinks were $5 and all glasses of wine were $2 off. The HH menu looked great- the duck confit is only $7 and they have a burger that sounds really good for $6. Super comfortable bar chairs with backs will ensure we go back to take advantage.

        The chef came out to the bar and talked up the escargot- he told us not to be scared away by the fear of overly rubbery garlicky lumps. He flambes the escargot in cognac and he was right- they were melt in your mouth tender. Other hits at our table were the duck confit, the mushroom tortelloni (we liked the grapes in the sauce) and the pork belly. There was less enthusiasm for the prosciutto wrapped monkfish and the scallops. They were both good, but not special.

        All three desserts we tried were knockouts. There was a creme brulee with a chocolate ganache, a baked fromage blanc, and a roucoulon en croute. The roucoulon was my favorite- it tasted like baked brie served with a spiced honey.

        Our server was perfect. She paced our meal perfectly, gave us sterling recommendations, kept our wine glasses and water glasses full, and cheerfully allowed us to stay way past our welcome as we finishes our last bottle of wine.

        The only concerning part about the evening was that the restaurant was only half full. I hope people find this place because I I want it to be around for a long time!

        1. So glad to read all these reviews - I was hoping a handful of people posted their thoughts before I head over there! I'll be headed there soon!