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Sep 23, 2007 09:51 PM

Boston Area Restaurants

Will be visiting Boston for a few days in a few weeks. Looking for places to go for a decent dinner. Will be staying in Newton vicinity but will have access to a car, so anything within a 30-45 min drive would be fine.

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    1. re: vinovino

      Um, *none* of the places on that list are kosher.

      If you go to and put "Newton" under "city" you'll come up with a few places in Newton itself (together with a few from Netanya, and one from Newtown PA). I can't comment on their quality, though. And Brookline will have more. The only place in Boston that I can personally recommend is Taam China in Brookline (I assume the one in Newton should be similar, but I've never been there myself). Not sure if that's what you had in mind by "a decent dinner", though. And I hear very good things about Ruth's Kitchen, but AIUI it's takeaway only.

      1. re: zsero

        I'm sure vino just came across a post on Boston and didn't even notice the board.

        For casual food, Rubin's (deli) and Rami's (Israeli grill) are good options. For nicer dining, Taam is the way to go. There may be some new places but you'll be pleased with those three, in my experience.

    2. My two favorite boston area restaurants are in Newton - Avenues Deli and Taam China-Newton (there is a Taam in Brookline on Harvard) - Tamm is a true restaurant and nice ambience - Avenues Deli has limited seating but the food is excellent - it is between Gordon and Alpert and Bodavi Bakery - service and food is excellent at both -

      Avenues Deli - 549 Commonwealth Ave (near Centre St.) Newton, MA (617) 332-5444
      Tamm China-Newton - 108 Oak Street Newton, MA (617) 527-8580

      Avenues Deli
      541 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA