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Sep 23, 2007 09:33 PM

Have you drawn inspiration from TV shows or movies?

After a couple seasons of watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" and hearing about pizzaoali , I decided I had to find a recipe and try it out. I had heard of chicken saltimbocca but never tried it until Bree made it on "Desperate Housewives". And I often was in the mood for baked ziti after watching an episode of the "Sopranos". Anyone else draw dinner inspiration from the television?

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  1. i watched an indian movie where they ate cauliflower (gobi) parathas in the whole movie. after that i had the urge to make gobi parathas for quite some time although DH never quite liked them but i had the craving so... we ate them frequently.

    1. The movie Spanglish...we watched it at a family gathering and as soon as it was over my sister and I were in the kitchen trying to recreate the egg sandwich!

      1. I was watching the episode of Friends where Joey dives to save his meatball sub from a "bullet" and I had a serious craving for meatball subs afterwards, but then I was thinking that I always hate meatball subs because they're so messy and the meatballs roll around. So, then I was thinking that I would make meatball calzones. Then, I was thinking that I would make mini meatball calzones with one meatball in them and wouldn't that be cute?! I haven't done it yet, but I will soon.

        1. This one seems so obvious, but I did the timpano after watching Big Night. And it's so odd that your post popped up because I've been craving it this weekend, after all these years! Guess I'd better start shopping for sausage and rolling some meatballs!

          Everytime I see Eat Drink Man Woman, I'm inspired to make steamed things (dim sum, for example), and Peking duck, but never moved on that inspiration. Although I make dim sum when the mood strikes, I've never attempted the duck at home. Maybe some day.