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Sep 23, 2007 08:49 PM

Advice Requested for trip from Bellingham to Salt Lake City!

Hi Folks:

This upcoming weekend I will be travelling from Victoria, BC to Salt Lake City to visit my ailing grandfather.

I will be staying in Bellingham the first night (have to work that day, so I won't get too far).

Any good late-night (9 or 10 pm) Bellingham eats?

Any good Bellingham breakfasts? How about health food stores?

The first day, I think I will drive from Bellingham to Baker, Oregon (about 7 hours of driving). Any good Baker eats? I don't have to stay there...I could stay in La Grande or carry on to Boise if I'm feeling up to it.

Any good eats on the I-90 where I could pick up lunch? I'll be travelling through Yakima.

I am very open-minded re: food. I am not expecting great eats where I am going...just something a cut above fast food or overly greasy pub food.


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