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Sep 23, 2007 08:43 PM

T-Rex Cornbread OMG!

Made my first visit to T-Rex today - met some friends for a late brunch at 1:30. The crowds had dissipated and we were able to hang out for a few hours and enjoy a leisurely visit. Read a lot of the old posts so I knew we had to try the cornbread. We got one to share and it certainly lived up to it's billing.....served warm with a nice crust and drenched in maple butter! As much as I liked it, I would ask for half the amount of butter next time. Too much of a good thing - although I'm sure that there are many that are more than happy with the current pool of butter. Also had the smoked brisket sandwich, the pulled pork sandwich and the organic mixed green salad with grilled chicken. The brisket was moist and tender with a good smoke background. Not sure about the bread .... think it's a bit too much bread for the amount of brisket. I know that they want the bread to hold up but the brisket is served dry and even if you add some of the bottled hot sauce a softer roll would still be adequate. The pulled pork is more moist and might need this bread. If there were more filling/brisket than it would be less of an issue. ( I didn't get a taste of the pulled pork ) We were having a good visit so the food wasn't the main focus but overall we enjoyed the food and service.
Will look forward to going back and trying more ......

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  1. Thanks for the report Gordon. I'll have to try it one day. I love cornbread & pulled pork sandwiches.

    1. Some of the hot sauce on the cornbread ups the deliciousness.

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        Now that you mention it, I can see how that would be good. Thanks.

      2. People have reported that they'll put the butter on the side if you request, which I think I need to do next time I go there. I really like their brisket.

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        1. re: JasmineG

          Yes, that could work. Although that would depend on how soft/hard the butter is and how warm the cornbread is - I like having the butter (melted) baked onto the cornbread - just not so much of it. Picky, picky .... I know.

        2. The bread question...i had the same question about a shrimp sandwich at SeaSalt, their sister restaurant. A roll too dense and possibly a tiny bit stale made an otherwise delicious sandwich a dry experience. The advertised remoulade was very little help.

          It made me decide to avoid their sandwiches in future, having had a similar previous experience. That said, the same roll works great at Fonda for the steak sandwich. I think it's a problem of—what's the right word—centralization? The eventual uniformity of larger operations? This message is directly addressed to the purchasers for the Lalime's empire—we norice what is going on, when it compromises your food.