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Sep 23, 2007 08:05 PM

Along the apple road, Berkshires & Vermont

I'm going to be driving from the Berkshires to Middlebury VT and back again in early October. What I would like to find are apples, especially some of the more obscure varieties, such as Spitzenbergs, Ribbston Pippins, etc., if they are in season. Are there any orchards to recommend along this route or near to it?


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  1. There's an orchard in Dummerston – Scott Farm – that grows a large number of heirloom apple varieties. While it's not on your route, there is a farmstand that is, which carries Scott Farm apples. Clearbrook Farm on Rt. 7A in Shaftsbury, VT, typically brings in several varieties from Scott Farm.

    Bit of trivia: Scott Farm was used for the apple farm location in Cider House Rules.

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      Just to second the recommendation for Scott Farm; it's worth the detour. On Oct 7 they will be having their annual apple tasting. Times are 10am, Noon, and 2pm. I HIGHLY recommend it. I can't remember whether it's free or if there is a nominal cost. Ezekiel Goodband cuts up at least 20 varieties of heirloom and antique apples and gives their history while everyone tastes them. There are also tons of apples for sale (mixed bags of baking or eating apples, or you can mix your own bags). This event is definitely a fall "must do" for me every year.

      1. re: Bri

        just for clarification--is this the scott farm that's at 707 kipling rd, brattleboro vt? i googled scott farm dummerston and came up with this, but wanted to verify. we're heading that way too, and what i've read sounds great!

        1. re: autopi

          They're definitely in Dummerston, not Brattleboro but the Kipling street address is correct (it was once the home of Rudyard Kipling). You can get there from Brattleboro by turning up Black Mtn Rd. from Putney Rd in Bratt. Not sure why Google shows Bratt, but when I searched via Yahoo, it came up with several hits and all were in Dummerston. Here's the address and phone # for specific directions:

          Scott Farm Orchards, Ezekiel Goodband, 707 Kipling Rd, Dummerston, VT 05301, (802) 254-6868.

          Hope you can make it!

          1. re: Bri

            Just to let y'all know: I did stop at Clearbrook Farm, they did have Scott apples, and the selection was great! OK, no Spitz's, but a healthy assortment of Reinettes, Pippins, Holsteins and other old favorites and interesting strangers. The folks at Clearbrook were friendly too. If only there had been even a smidgen of color in the leaves....

            Thanks for the suggestion!