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Sep 23, 2007 07:55 PM

Bandaloop, Kennebunkport

My husband and I had dinner at Bandaloop last evening; I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The restaurant is about four years old and is located at 2 Dock Square. It has an outdoor terrace area that is now closed in with plastic and is heated, if you prefer to eat in that area. The restaurant also has a second floor. It has a high, beamed ceiling; a long bar to your right as you enter and an open kitchen.

We were seated across from the open kitchen and I enjoyed watching the two cooks prepare meals in a rather small kitchen.

The entrees are presented in a little more unusual way in that they are considered "center of the plate" slections; that is, you select your entree and match it with the sauce of your choice. Our server helped us a great deal with both the wine and food/sauce combinations.

I enjoyed a corn meal coated haddock, with basmati rice cooked with saffron with a fresh, nicely prepared variety of fresh vegetables. I selected a spicy peanut sauce, which was delicious. We had a spinach salad to begin with which consisted of sauteed red onion, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach and goat cheese; the salad was served warm and it was tasty and unusual; I could imagine having this one dish alone for lunch; it was dressed with a balsamic vinagrette and the portion was large enough for us to share.

I would definitely return.

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  1. Oh that sounds wonderful. A bunch of friends are myself did 1 night trip to Kennebunkport after reading this article...

    We had good experience in a restaurant called "Big Fish", which I think was fairly new. Also ate in Hurricane-something (I can't quite remember the name) for next day brunch. Oh and the gelato place (they also sell fudge)!!! I never imagined how mascapone gelato would taste like and I was hooked. I had to have another one before I took of.

    If we return to Kennebunkport, we will have to try your restaurant. Your haddock with spicy peanut sauce sounds absolutely delicious! :)

    1. This is sooo on my list, thanks. I keep hearing about this place. Nice review. I've got to get over there.