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Sep 23, 2007 07:49 PM

Thanksgiving caterer needed in Brookline

I am looking for someone to cook a great meal for thirty people in our home , serve, then clean up. Our space is limited so we want to be able to seat everyone and not take up room at a buffet table. Good references important....we are foodies like all of you.

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  1. Many chefs will do this (and bring a busboy). Ask one from a restaurant that you like but is not too high profile. Just keep in mind that it will be expensive.

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      might consider a "two step" process - get the catered meal (try New England Soup Factory, Virginia's, or maybe Zaftigs in Brookline) and see if you can get someone to come in and serve and clean.

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        The Fireplace does catering now, too

    2. Thanks to all of you who have replied so far....know anyone who cooks well but might not be a licensed caterer and who might like to do something like this with a couple of friends?

      1. My suggestion is that you use a Personal Chef. You can go to either of these 2 websites: or and find personal chefs in your area; most of them have websites where you can check out the bios of the chefs. Not sure what they charge but I believe that it is an hourly rate plus the cost of the food, for 30 people I imagine they would also bring along some help. I am sure that you can get recs or testimonials from their satisfied customers.