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Sep 23, 2007 07:32 PM

Iranian grocery stores in boston area?

Just moved to boston and was wondering if there are any Iranian grocery stores in the area? I am looking for things like unripe grapes, dried lemons, sabzi (greens for stews and kuku's), kashk (whey)...
I searched the board and only found references to a bakery in watertown, and restaurants: lala rokh in beacon hill, moby dick's in boston and molana in watertown.
thanks in advance!

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  1. pardon my ignorance about the subject but wouldn't a middle eastern grocery store do if it would it just will open more doors for your search

    1. tabrizi bakery in watertown that you've already found is the only directly iranian place that i know of.

      but there are 4 other armenian/middle eastern markets in watertown (arax, sevan, massis and eastern lamejun) that may have things that you're looking for. arax likely has the widest selection of goods.

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      1. re: passing thru

        Yes, I know Arax has a slight Muslim bent (Ramadan sweets made in-house), and caters to Lebanese, as well...My pick, too.

      2. not iranian, but there is a syrian grocer on shawmut ave. in the south end, and several middle eastern shops along blackstone streeet at haymarket.

        1. thanks for your suggestions! headed to arax and found most of what i needed (and lots of things i didn't need as well!).

          1. Near Arax on Mt Auburn St is Super Hero, a Persian grocery. They have sabzi, kashk, dhoug, and (in season of course) goji sabz. Also all the little sweets you might like (those chickpea flour cookies shaped like little 4-leaf clovers), and Persian CD's behind the counter.
            Welcome to Boston!

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              oh, good to know. i had no idea, thanks for the tip. the boston university persian page linked below lists it as 509 mt auburn...they also list a persian grocer called "middle eastern store" at 128 arlington st in watertown, fwiw.