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Sep 23, 2007 07:13 PM

Best tasting menu under $100 per person

My girlfriend's birthday present to me is a tasting menu experience in LA, but her budget is $200 for us as a couple (food only). I want at least 5 courses. Are there any suggestions?

My only tasting menu experiences are at Charles Nob Hill and Le Poisson Japonais in Northern California, and (if you look at the size of their portions you would agree with me) at Yong Su San in K-Town Los Angeles. All have been great experiences.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. The 5 course tasting menu at Providence is $85/person. My girlfriend and I had the vegetarian version last weekend and both enjoyed it very much; I've heard at least as good reviews about the meaty/fishy version.

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      I had the fish version a few weeks ago. Decor is great, service is great. Food was visually beautiful, but somehow was not as moving as a degustation should be.

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        nick r - can you give more info about the vegetarian testing menu at Providence? I have friends who have been wanting to go to Providence but hesitant because of lack of veggie options. Or have I missed a report you wrote on it on another thread?


        1. re: ks in la

          I never got around to writing it up officially, but I did the five-course a few weeks ago. Yes, they do have a vegetarian tasting menu as an alternative to the regular tasting menu -- it's not written on the menu, but they'll do one on command and you don't even have to call ahead. (This is for the five-course tasting; I'm not sure if you'd need to give advance notice if you wanted to do it for the full tasting or the chef's menu.)

          I really enjoyed it; there was a great mix of interesting veggie dishes, and while it was definitely low on protein (no tofu, tempeh, or cheese) we didn't leave hungry by any means. With the wine pairings it was an outstanding meal and I highly recommend it.

          1. re: nick_r

            Thanks! That's very encouraging news (and may mean I get a return trip to Providence sooner than I thought...).

      2. Opus
        Jer-Ne at the Ritz
        Maison Akira
        Joe's and Hatfield's still have em right?
        Il Grano

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          Opus no longer offer tasting menu - we went there two days ago and was told that chef is busy working on a new, Oaxaca inspired menu.

          1. re: keepon

            What a let down! I LOVED the tasting menu.

        2. Cafe Pinot in downtown has a wonderful 5 course tasting menu which runs between $75 and $85 last time I had it.

          1. melisse $95

            valentino $85
            from website, i remember to be higher

            angelini osteria $85
            off menu, must request

            osteria mozza <$100
            create own tasting menu by splitting dishes. kitchen is very accomodating with this and most items are easily shareable, especially if dining at mozza bar.

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            1. re: zack

              Is the menu at the Nancy Bar the same as the entire establishment?

              1. re: Diana

                Yes, you get the full menu at the Nancy Bar (and the regular bar) at Osteria Mozza.

            2. The 5-course tasting at Bin 8945 is $78. A seven course tasting is $88. 10-course tasting is only $105. (This is without the paired wine.)

              Bin 8945
              8945 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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                i certainly LOVE this place and didn't think to add it because of the cost w/ wine pairing.