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Sep 23, 2007 07:01 PM

Guinness in San Diego??

Is it possible? We moved from NYC not too long ago and miss being able to go to a great place and have a serious Guinness (nice frothy head, good flavor, perfect temperature). Since we've been in California - both Northern and Southern - the only option seems to be a cheesy "Irish pub" and mediocre Guinness (we feel like we're the only ones ordering it, it tastes so old and flat and is usually served way too cold).

I'm embarrassed to even venture this, but any chance of finding a good Guinness in San Diego?

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  1. The Field, downtown
    Shakespeare's Pub, Mission Hills
    Princess Pub, Little Italy

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    1. re: Josh

      Ould Sod in Normal Heights pours a pretty nice guinness as well.

    2. If you like Guiness I have a better option for you. head up to Pizza Port in Solana Beach or Carlsbad. I dont know if they are currently offering it but if they are they make the best dry Irish Stout I have had. It is better than Guinness in nIreland by far. I like Guinness and this blows it out of the water.

      1. Expand your horizons a bit and try a fresh, locally made stout. You just may give up on your long time favorite. Check out this guide to SD beer and find a good beer bar or brewpub to satisfy your stout cravings.

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          Actually, apart from the Pizza Port offering MVNYC recommended, stout isn't hugely popular among San Diego brewers. Alpine and Ballast Point make them, but they're not widely distributed locally. Stone and AleSmith make Imperial Stouts, but flavor-wise they're a far cry from the lightness of Guinness.

        2. Pacific Beach Bar and Grill. Saturday Happy Hour from 9 am-4 pm $3. I only drink Guinness.