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Sep 23, 2007 06:01 PM

Nice Desserts in Restaurants?

Got tired of going to Demetre and other places that serve only cakes and ice-cream sundaes.

Are there any restaurants you've been to that serve great desserts and you'd like to go back just for that?

Thanks for your input!

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  1. Amuse Bouche, Pangea and Rain all serve 'Great' desserts. Of the three, Amuse Bouche has the most consistant food. Pangea's food is over-rated whilst Rain's cuisine is too Asian fusion for my liking ( presentation is great but the food very often falls flat in taste ). Lastly, Amuse Bouche is the only restaurant that offers a stand alone dessert tasting menu! Well worth a try!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Perigee also has a dessert tasting menu.

      1. re: Negaduck

        I believe Perigee discontinued it.

        1. re: Negaduck

          Confirm deelicious. Perigee's dessert tasting menu is no more!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I personally enjoy the Keg's desserts. I love their cheesecake and the billy miner pie. I hope I don't get bashed for this....

            1. re: callitasicit

              They look so great in the pictures, but I've never even been able to think about dessert after I fail at even coming close to finishing my appetizers and entrees at the Keg, given portion sizes what they are!

      2. The Grand Dessert at Boba which offers samples of most of the desserts for $13.

        PS This may be the first dessert thread where the word "desert" does not appear! ;-)

        1. I'm a big fan of visiting one of city's finer gelato establishments after dinner for a nice dessert treat, but since they're stand-alone venues they might not fit your bill. Il Gelatiere or Hollywood for uptown, Soma for distillery, there are others, but I'm not familiar.

          1. Messis on Harbord west of Spadina is excellent. They have a white chocolate and blueberry phyllo concoction that is beyond words, and serve most everything with a scoop of homemade ice cream. Their apps and mains are very good as well if you want to have a whole meal.

            Superior on Yonge just north of Queen is another good pick... they make what I consider one of the best creme brulees in TO. Good coffee too.

            And last, but not least, Toba at King and Sherbourne is my new favourite. I've only been once, so I can't vouch for everything on their menu, but give me a few weeks and I'll have taken care of that. :) Again, great food all-round, but the desserts were the stars.

            97 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

            Hollywood Gelato
            1640 Bayview Ave, Toronto, OH M4G3B7, CA

            243 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J9, CA

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            1. re: tartiflette

              Thanks for the suggestions.

              As my login name suggests, I'm known for being picky and not afraid to say it. I find that most desserts available, store-bought or made in-house, are always a tad bit too sweet, not just for my taste, but for a few of my friends too.

              So if you have tried desserts that are just right, or even not sweet enough, I'd like to give them a try. :)

              1. re: pickymama

                Haven't had it in a while but GRANO makes a superb, killer rich tarte/cake/torte..It is an open face thin shortbread-type bottom, white chocolate covered with fresh raspberries and dusted with pistachcios (sp?) AMAZING!! I did buy a whole one to take to a dinner was worth every dollar and then some!!

            2. Senses at the Metropolitan is an obviious choice. They also have a Bar & Bistro area where you can sit just for drinks and dessert insteading of sitting in the dining room. Dont' know when you planing on going but I'm not sure that restauranteurs would be too pleased if you use up one of their precious tables on peak Fri or Sat evenings just for desserts.

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              1. re: syoung

                I was very disappointed by dessert at Sen5es when I last went in June - they're coasting on their old reputation, methinks. Definitely nowhere near the sublime experience I had the first time I went in 2005.

                I ordered a tropical fruit pavlova, which turned out to be a small chocolate meringue nest that was crisp all the way through (no chewiness, which is what I love in proper pavlova) and MUCH too sweet (the chocolate taste was overwhelmed). The tropical fruit turned out to be thinly sliced mango and papaya, and there wasn't a speck of cream - which is a bit odd since that's what distinguishes pavlova from plain ol' meringue with fruit. It just didn't work for me - crisp sweet meringue with sour slippery fruit is not a good contrast.

                Meh. If you're going to go that high-end for desserts, C5 would be a better bet IMO.

                1. re: tartiflette

                  I went to Senses for dinner a few months ago and the desserts were probably the highlight of the meal, but that may be as much the fact that the mains weren't very good in the fist place.

                  Agree with C5 as another restaurant having very good desserts.

                  1. re: tartiflette

                    Agree! Sen5es desserts are WAY TOO SWEET!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Brassaii and Crush both have amazing desserts. I often go to each for desserts alone.