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Sep 23, 2007 05:00 PM

Durango, Aztec, Farmington

In two weeks (less than, actually) we will be flying to Durango and driving to Farmington for the weekend. Even though I lived in Farmington for many years and graduated from college in Durango - I have been gone from the area for a quarter century.

Where shall we eat?

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  1. Unfortunately my fave Durango hang, Lady Falconburgh's Barley Emporium is not conducive to pre-driving.

    As for Farmington, when I traveled there it was either Blake's Lotaburger or Si Señor. You could do much worse.

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      When I typed "Durango" in the search box, above right, I came up with 127 replies -- a number of them mine, because my son attends the school you graduated from and I've gone there frequently. You might try that search too. Less of a selection in Farmington -- and as far as I know, nothing to speak of in Aztec.

    2. We've had success at 3 Rivers Eatery and Brewpub in Farmington. You might check their reviews on Also in Farmington, the lounge at the Best Western by the riverwalk has a great happy hour with good munchies.

      Jerry Saywell

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        All input is appreciated. I have done the Durango search, and am always looking for updates. I enjoyed a Saturday lunch at Three Rivers Brewery on my last visit. My main interest in on Farmington recommendations. We are flying to Durango, but may not get into Durango itself - since the airport is considerably south of town.

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          Farmington doesn't have much--mostly chains. That said, the El Charro on East Main avenue is quite good for Mexican food. It is dumpy, but the food is great. For a nicer place, try The Bluffs.

      2. We spent last weekend in the Four Corners area and had a wonderful time.

        Thursday night was spent in Durango, so we could visit around the Fort Lewis College campus and other familiar areas of Durango on Friday morning. We awoke to rain, and decided to eat at Jean Pierre Bakery, 601 Main Avenue - which advertises itself as being The "French" French Baker. The choice was excellent. The food was extraordinary - as well as expensive. Between being very good and very close to the depot, the prices were not surprising. We seldom spend $30 for breakfast - but this stop was worth it.

        Friday lunch was at Three Rivers Eatery and Brew House, 101 East Main Street, Farmington. I had eaten there before - my wife had not. My wife ordered iced tea which did not meet Georgia standards. I had homemade root beer, which was very good. My lunch was the drunken steak sandwich with onion rings and my wife ordered a chicken salad plate. Our dessert was tres leches cake. Everything was very good. The tres leches was the real standout. It was excellent.

        Friday evening was at Chef Bernie's, which is a favorite of the friends we stayed with. Bernie Sandoval and I were friends in Farmington Jaycees forty years ago, but I had not eaten at Chef Bernie's in years. It was cheap and good. The highlight of the meal was having warm sopaipillas served. That brought back memories of Della's Spanish Dining Room in the 1950s. My enchiladas were very enjoyable. To top the meal off with a basket full of warm sopaipillas made a wonderful dining experience.

        Saturday lunch was at C & J's Hamburger Cafe, 2411 E. 20th. Their green chile cheeseburgers hit the spot. This is a relatively new places. I had never been to it or had even heard of it before this trip. We were there at 1 pm and they were nearly full. The word is out! C & J's is the place for green chile cheeseburgers. I even enjoyed the fries, which I seldom ever order.

        Saturday evening was at Si Senor, 4015 E 30th Street - just west of East Main Street. I ordered a green chile cheeseburger, again. My wife had a taco salad, and our friend had a large bowl of posole. I prefered the C & J burger slightly, but this was quite enjoyable. Empty plate and bowl suggested that the other two went over well, also. Again, a very popular place. They were full when we arrived around 8pm, but were able to seat us within five minutes.

        Sunday evening found us at Furr's Cafeteria. My wife and I ate there about once a week when we lived in Farmington 25 years ago. It turned out that Furr's now offers all you can eat for $7.49 after 4pm on Sundays. It is amazing how much food can be piled onto one serving tray. We were more disciplined (or less hungry) than most of the customers. My baked tilapia, fried okra, and corn were all as enjoyable as they were when we left in 1982.

        Thank you all for your insights. That is what makes Chowhound as enjoyable, and as successful, as it is.