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Sep 23, 2007 04:57 PM

in town for wedding - where to go for food?

Late September (next week) - Thursday to Monday

Probably do Cafe Du Monde for breakfast EVERY day. Maybe hit Mother's Restaurant for lunch and Commander's Palace for dinner.... many more meals to hit the best of N.O. What do you recommend?

Also, where is the best jazz music/bar(s)?


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  1. Unless you're not real breakfast eaters, eating at Cafe Du Monde every day would be a waste. In terms of where you should eat, you haven't really provided much in terms of parameters. If you spend a little time perusing posts on this board, you'll find some great discussions. Among my personal favorites are Brigtsen's and Dick & Jenny's.

    For music, again parameters would be helpful. Plus, if you give us the precise dates, we could recommend specific shows.

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      1. I'd definitely add The Coffee Pot (St. Peter St, just down from Pat O'Brian's) for breakfast, at least one morning.

        What do you like to eat? Do you want more traditional NOLA fare, or would you choose more nouvelle cuisine, but with a NOLA influence? What is your price range? How many folk will be dining with you? You mention the FQ, the CBD and Uptown, do you care to travel, or would you like to make it more of a walking tour?


        1. Recommend skipping breakfast. IMO you can eat that anywhere (unless you're doing brunch).Try an early lunch at a fine dining restaurant ( such as Commanders...many have lunch specials), then another one for dinner. You get to sample twice as many places. Beignets can be an anytime snack (as well as an appetite killer). Don't miss Brigtsen's (reservations a must). Frenchman for jazz.

          1. I like The Coffee Pot for breakfast. Cochon is nice for lunch or dinner and also give Jacques-Imo's Cafe a try, {dinner only}.