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Comments on Jose's Mexican Rest. in Camb.?

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Mr. Taxi and co-workers are planning a night out this week and are thinking of going to Jose's on Sherman St. in Cambridge. Has anyone out there been and, if so, what did you have?

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  1. This is kismet - I'm going for dinner this week too and would love to hear some recommendations - besides the pitchers of margaritas.

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      Tried this place out tonight with a friend. The requisite chips, greasy, and salsa were fine - gaucamole was also ok. Friend had the mole enchiladas that were quite nice and I had a pork torta that was satifyingly greasy and crunchy. Food and drink both arrived quickly. Margaritas were quite watery, but all in all it was a nice evening and good neighborhood Mexican.

    2. Hi Taxi. We like Jose's, and have had a variety of dishes. I haven't been recently enough to offer some smart recs, except to say that their high-end margaritas are very nicely done. I will offer one small piece of advice, though. Don't arrive starving. As lovely a time as we usually have there, and as much as I like having a place like Jose's around (and as good as their hot fresh chips are), swift service is *really* not their forte. Just, you know, be prepared for that. Once we came to terms with this reality of the Jose's experience, we've had very nice and tasty times there.

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        Thanks for replying. I will let Mr. Taxi know.

      2. i live nearby and have been several times. it has a cute atmosphere and, for the price, what i consider quite good food. i favor the enchiladas verdes but i've also had the burrito en adobo and it was great. i wish i could say i've tried the pozole but i haven't yet so any reports on that wld be welcome on my end.

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          I always do the enchilda verde too. It is weakness, I admit.

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            ditto on the enchiladas verde. it's been a while but i liked the pozole too

        2. I remember liking their sopes with tinga de pollo/slow cooked chicken. Asking for recommendations didn't hurt.

          1. Hi,

            I've been to Jose's many times, although not in the past 6 months. However, I've always enjoyed my meals there. The Carne Asada is very tasty. They also have Tres Leches cake for dessert, which is very good. Don't worry, you should enjoy your meal.

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              They also have a really nice salmon or red snapper filet in Veracruzana sauce, which in Jose's interpretation is peppers, onions, tomatoes, plenty of fresh cilantro, all bathed in verde sauce. I usually get that and it makes me feel less guilty about eating entire baskets of chips while waiting for the food. I agree with all posters that it's a solid and non-disappointing place overall!

            2. I used to go to Jose's all the time several years ago. The prices were very low and the food was always excellent with huge portions. The service was great. The margaritas were wonderfully strong. I have many fond memories of going there with my husband.
              Then a few years ago, the restaurant either changed ownership or management and we went back. The prices had gone up a bit, but it was the food that had changed the most. The salsa that had been fresh and flavorful now tasted like it came out of a jar. The portions were much smaller and everything looked like it had just been thrown on the plate.
              The service was really bad. We did go on a Saturday night, and the place was packed, but it took forever for our meals to come and we didn't get what we ordered. The table beside us also had their order messed up. We couldn't get our server to come back to our table so we could pay for our meal, so I had to go downstairs and wait in a line to pay. Needless to say, I was disappointed. This was more than a year ago, and I haven't been back. Maybe it has gotten better; I hope so. It was once a fun place.

              1. I've always liked it. The margaritas are tasty, the chips are good and the prices fair. It's not terribly spicy but most Boston Mexican restaurants suffer in that regard.

                1. For me it's always a toss up between Jose's and Rudy's (I know I'll get blasted for that!) I like Jose's food better - have enjoyed the snapper Veracruz style and also have chiles rellenos, salsa and chips. But I've been less than thrilled with their margaritas, which always seem weak and pricey compared to Rudy's. . . I usually get a Negra Modelo at Jose's.

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                    Thanks for this recommendation, all. My first pozole, and I really enjoyed it!