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Sep 23, 2007 04:29 PM

Grocery stores near 105th and Central Park West

Are there any or am I doomed to Fresh Direct everything?

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  1. You could head up to the Citarella at 125th Street - don't know if that's too far - I guess actually it's probably just as close as the one on Broadway in the 80s ....

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Ah, that's not the worst trip on a bike. Is this one on B'way, too?

      1. re: cimui

        It's just east of Amsterdam, on the north side of 125th. I've not been to that location - just drive by it pretty often. There was a short piece about them in the NY Mag (an old one, but that I just read) that they carry ingredients there that are of more interest to the local community, such as Goya, etc.

      2. re: MMRuth

        if you're willing to travel the 21 blocks north to citarella, you're even better off going the same distance south to fairway. that, and garden of eden are your 2 best bets for quality.

      3. Your best bet is to head towards Broadway. I live at 105 and Riverside and usually shop at the Westside Market at 110 and Broadway and Garden of Eden at 107 and Broadway. There's also a D'agostinos at 110 and Bway (I think it's overpriced), and a Gristedes at 103 and Bway (rude employees, dirty).

        I use fresh direct for the heavy stuff...milk, juice, laundry soap...but both Garden of Eden and Westside are great for produce and prepared foods.

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        1. re: ciaobaby

          I agree. I'm at 108 and Amsterdam, i go to the NEW Westside Market at 110 and B'way (they're better and cheaper than the D'ag at 110 and B'way.) Or for more specialty stuff (or if i have some extra cash) i'll go to Garden of Eden, especially for meats, cheese, fish. GOE does not have sundries, though, so i hit up Duane Reade at 108 and Ams for paper products.

          Don't go to the Gristedes at 103rd and B'way, it's totally dirty and dark and some of the freezers look like they've shut off and then been turned back on again...eww, only buy paper products there.

          If you love fish, check out the Fish Market at 108 and Amsterdam...clean, nice people, good fish, doesn't smell. One side you can buy the fich to prepare yourself, other side, they'll fry/steam it for you. Mmm, we hit this place up at least once a week.

          Oh, and i get the stores to deliver. Check their delivery radius, GOE does it for free, as does Westside Market, D'ag charges $3.50 or you can use D'ag points.

          1. re: rugburn

            Are you talking about Young's Fish Market (with a blue awning)? I looked it up this past weekend. Haven't yet bought anything there, but the fish looked beautifully fresh and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the tip!

          2. re: ciaobaby

            Garden of Eden is the best option, IMO, except for pantry staples - in which case, I'd hit either D'Ags, Duane Reade or a random bodega.

            There's also a great bulk/health food store on the west side of B'way around 108. It's tiny, but you'll find grains, beans and dried goods for super cheap.

            The Gristedes is super unhygienic.

            1. re: piccola

              Thanks for the bulk health food place rec, piccola. That sounds like somewhere I'd go even if I didn't live in the nabe.

              All the Gristedes in the city are a little scary...

              1. re: cimui

                No problem. The staff is really nice, and they don't mind if you only buy 0.78$ worth of merch.

            2. re: ciaobaby

              Ciaobaby, Rugburn, Piccola, and Ann900 (hopefully I didn't leave anyone out!):

              I found Garden of Eden, yesterday, as I was wandering around the nabe. I had to push my lower jaw back up. All that beautiful, fresh, inexpensive fruit!! Those plump eggplants, perfectly crisp apples, and fragrant plums! This is my kind of store.

              What a wonderful recommendation. Thank you.

            3. Just go to Fairway -- they have everything, you can take a cab there and there are always cabs outside when you want to return home. I thought there was also some kind of shuttle that they do, but I may be thinking of something only for Columbia students since I went to undergrad there (though I never used it, so I can't be sure).

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              1. re: nattie23nyc

                if you do the fairway thing, you can always get delivery. i'm on 96th and i think it's $6 up to this nabe. i do it when i have a lot of heavy stuff. otherwise, 2 bags and a backpack and the bus works just fine.

              2. My worst suspicions are confirmed... =)

                Thanks a whole bunch, Hounds!!

                1. There are actually some very good places to shop up here.
                  I'm astonished that no one has mentioned Oppenheimer - one of the city's oldest and best butchers- on Broadway and 99th.. They sell every variety of meat and poultry you could ever want and some fresh seafood. Their quality is first rate. (I love to cook and I'm very,very picky about what I buy). Prices are reasonable considering what you get.

                  For produce, there are several greenmarkets nearby. My absoluite favorite is the friday 8-2pm greenmarket on 97th between Amsterdam and Columbus. The best of the produce vendors, hands down, is Bialis Farms- they sell 80 varieties of some of the best produce you've eveer tasted at ridiculously reasonable prices.

                  On Thursdays and Sundays thee is an all day greenmarket at Broadway and 116th.

                  Silver Moon Bakery on Broadway and 105th has good bread and baked goods. (I think their bread is better then their desserts). Their prices are definitely on the high side.

                  You're much better off buying breads and rolls at Garden of Eden. They get daily deliveries from many different good bakeries.

                  I also find that Garden of Eden can be good for some produce- particularly seasonal stuff where they don't charge an arm and a leg. Garden of Eden also has a pretty good fish counter (it's not owned by the GOE folks-it's leased by people who seem to know their fish). Prices are okay.

                  There's also a Gourmet Garage on Broadway and 96th- not my favorite- their produce is ridiculously expensive- but good for some things.

                  I suggest that you take a walk up Broadway from about 96th to Columbia (Broadway and about 116th)- you'll find lots of food-related stores including two Asian markets (on the West side of Broadway), Absolute Bagels (near GOE) for great bagels, a great wine shop-Martins - on 107th,.There are also a number of smaller places (like Milano Foods) as you get closer to Columbia that offer prepared specialty items- and stay open late,late.

                  Agree about Gristede's- the only I ever buy there is milk. Dag's is kind of depressing- whenever I'm t6here it's almost empty. I'm not a big fan of Westside Market's prepared food-if you're into that- but they often have price wars with GOE on produce.

                  The nabe's really not as much a food wasteland as you might think. Good luck!

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                  1. re: Ann900

                    Totally totally agree about the 97th Street greenmarket. I get lots of stuff there -- and Bialas is by far the best farm. I also like Kernan for tomatoes and peaches. And, of course, Ronnybrook Dairy is there too.

                    1. re: Ann900

                      I second Oppenheimer. It's fairly expensive by worth it.

                      1. re: Ann900

                        There's also a small greenmarket on CPW at 106th St on Saturdays, 8-3, July-November. Not a lot of vendors.

                        Great to know that Ronnybrook is at the 97th St Greenmarket, thanks LNG212--I may never have to go downtown again!

                        There are also a number of UWS and Harlem CSAs, if you want to think ahead to next summer. I have been liberated from Fairway-induced misanthropy and misery this summer, courtesy of my awesome CSA. With the exception of some dairy products from Citarella on 125th now and again, I essentially haven't had to grocery shop at all. Hooray!

                        1. re: rose water

                          Which CSA are you a member of? Why would you recommend it?

                          1. re: selizara

                            **love love love it***

                            btw, you can find a complete listing of NYC CSAs on the Just Foods website