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Sep 23, 2007 03:47 PM

Looking for romantic dinner place (10th year anniversary)

I would prefer to stay in the Long Beach area if at all possible, but I know the dining choices are quite limited so anywhere in the general LA/OC metro is fine. Please limit the cuisine to French, Italian, American or Japanese. I'm not willing to experiment for my 10th year anniversary. Thanks!

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  1. check my review of CRAFT in Culver City in the post right after this - I wouldn't call it the most romantic spot, but it's a great meal and a very nice way to spend a 10th anniversary.

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      just a heads-up...gotta remove the period at the end of that link in order for it to work.

      so here it is again:

    2. Keeping it in Long Beach, try 555 East on Ocean, L'Opera on Pine, or the new Tracht's in the Renaissance.

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        I've had many nice dinners at L'Opera and the Madison across the street, though admittedly none recently in the past six months.