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Sep 23, 2007 03:41 PM

Need French baking help

My 17 y/o son, who spent this past summer in France, has just spent an extremely frustrating afternoon trying to bake a Gateau Basque. This cake has a buttery pastry on top and bottom and is filled with pastry cream. He was using a recipe from Paul Bocuse, which called for actually baking the cake with the cream in it. That struck me as a bit strange. The pastry had such a high proportion of butter to flour that it couldn't be rolled; I'm not sure what happened to the pastry cream (I took a nap while he made it), but it only made about 1/3 cup of rubbery goo. Does anyone out there have a recipe for this dish so he can try again? We don't have Mastering the Art -- it may be in there. Any help would be much appreciated -- he's a budding gourmet in the making and I hate for him to give up in defeat. Thanks.

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      It does bake with the pastry cream in it, you need to work fast. Doesn't look easy, but well worth the effort! Looks like you need to take the top layer (disc of dough and pinch it to the bottom. Don't let him give up!