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Sep 23, 2007 03:34 PM

Best Pizza ever at "SF Pizza"(?) on Lombard Street

Years ago (1994?) our family took a trip to the west coast. We stayed at a motel (Buena Vista?) on Lombard Street. We got in late so I ordered a pizza to go from the shop across the street. I remember the name of the shop as "SF Pizza" and it was more upscale than our typical pizza shops in Boston with a sit down restaurant. To date it remains the best pizza I've ever tasted. It was a thin crust pizza, plain (cheese, tomato sauce, some herbs). The next morning in our room we shared what was left, and that too was delicious. I've tried since then to track down the shop so I could learn the recipe--or at least what made it taste so good. (was it the crust? the cheese? the herbs? But it seems to be gone. I've tried to replicate this experience, but he only other pizza that came close, and only close, was at a restaurant called Aqua in Peterboro, NH. Does anyone remember SF Pizza or know anything more about their pizza? Here's hoping.

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  1. Are you certain it was *on* Lombard? I was drawn toward Amici Pizza-just up the hill when I moved to SF in '93.

    I'll take a look on my way through tonight.

    1. I remember visiting SF in 1989 when I was in junior high, staying on Lombard St. and falling in love with Pizzeria Uno. There weren't any locations in San Diego back then so I didn't realize they were a chain. I really liked their four cheese pizza with pesto sauce.

      A couple years later a few locations moved into San Diego and for awhile they were as good as what I remembered in SF, but I often was disappointed when I moved up here and went to the Jack London location in Oakland (way too greasy!). Not sure if my tastes changed or they changed...

      Anyway, SFO Pizza took over the old Pizzeria Uno space in 2001 or so. I'm not sure what restaurant is there now. If you went to an SFO Pizza, there are locations in Oakland and Fremont. I've been to the one in Fremont, it's pretty darn good.

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        Amici's closed the Union St. location and moved into the old Uno's spot on Lombard.