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Mode : Downtown LA 24 Hour Dining?

So in this week's LA Downtown News, there is both an ad and a blurb about a restaurant called mode. Never heard of or about it. Their tagline goes Fois Gras or Pork Chop... something like that and it's listed as French in the restaurant guide. I called the number and nobody answered. Is this place opening soon or what? Downtown can always use more 24 hour dining, right now we have the Pacific Dining and the Pantry...

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  1. http://www.downtownlascene.com/index....

    You're right, it isn't open yet. (Not sure what I'd think of a 24-hour place that doesn't answer its phone ...)

    1. walked by last night and it looks cool, they had a sidewalk patio area and a glass roll up that led to the dining room. I think they had a private party too.
      SHould be open to the public very soon.

      1. Best 24 hour spot in all of LA is The Pacific Dining Car on 6th downtown - open 7 days a week 24 hours a day - amazing steaks - incredible breakfast menu - and one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles with any character.

        1. bump!

          Anyone tried this yet? Daily Candy sent out a "Hey, it's open now" email last week. My sister and her friends are in town staying at the Biltmore... they're not too picky, food-wise, but do tend to lean toward sleek, trendy-ish places. I'm curious about price point, if reservations are necessary (or possible?), how crowded it is, etc.

          And if any responders think I'm on the wrong track here, I'd love to hear some recs, too. Walking distance from the Biltmore would be ideal. Cafe Pinot, maybe?

          I am neither sleek nor trendy, so could use all the help I can get.

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            I too am curious about Mode - if anyone has been, please post!

            Squirrelo - "sleek and trendy" makes me think Blue Velvet. I had a good dinner there about a year ago although there have been more recent complaints about stingy portions. But the ambience is VERY cool.

            Blue Velvet
            750 S. Garland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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              The fact that it's the same owner and chef from the mighty mediocre Royale turns my curiosity waaaaaaaaay down.

          2. I don't think it's fully open yet... I live near by and walk by every night. Pitch black inside. I've seen it open maybe twice for special events during Fashion Week, but never again.

            Hopefully it'll actually happen soon! It's an odd location -- between a dirty strip club and a stationary printer... But it could work.

            1. the word is that Mode opened today at 11. Has anyone gone?

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                My husband and I were invited to a chef's tasting on this past Thursday. We were served a four course tasting menu--can't emphasize "tasting" enough, because the portions were tiny. The proper utensils and plates weren't provided (awkward), and it took 2 hours to be served the four plates. The server was very attentive, and kept our wine glasses full. We walked home feeling famished and drunk, and ordered pizza delivery from Los Angeles Pizza Co (our favorite pizza in downtown).

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                  I was there this past thursday too - it was a much to limited menu (and portions were "sample sized") to really figure out what to expect from the food. I saw a menu that looked promising but we are going to have to wait until it is fully up and running to see how it will be.... But, I like the design and the 24 hours so I hope it is good - although given late night options in d-town it only needs to be decent to do well

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                    God, I hope these "supermodel potions" are not some current trend hitting downtown LA... LOL! I enjoyed Blue Velvet, but yes -- the microscopic servings can get annoying after a while.

                2. Well, *this* does not sound good ...



                  916 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA

                  1. I finally went and it was finally open this Sunday.
                    The room looks cool real roomy leather booths left me almost falling asleep on the couch like booth but still very cool. I had the burger and my buddy had a steak panini.
                    My burger was truly top notch beef , rather thick and when I cut it in half juices came out and I almost thought it was a steak. The bun I think was a ciabbata type bread cut in circles to look like a bun but it was pretty tasty, the frites were right on too.
                    The steak panini was pretty interesting and was toasted with a goat cheese and it provided nice pop when biting into the sandwich, it came with greens.
                    1st off ............so much better then their Royale fiasco down on Wilshire and b/c we came in around brunch time we ordered coffee and the score of the day was they serve French pressed coffee damn good.
                    Over all real good the menu looked interesting and I'm looking forward to coming back and trying the salmon.
                    I think they plan to try and pull of the 24 hr. thing tonight or sometime this week.

                    1. I'm a 6-year Downtown-er and am thrilled to see all the new amenities that decide to come Downtown...some have come and gone, but most of the best have found a foothold. I had heard that Mode's soft opening was a disaster (not enough food, long wait) and several iffy-to-bad reviews in the weeks following (e.g. no heat one day). I went to Mode for lunch today. I didn't know if it would be busy so I made a reservation (very professional handling, even called me again this AM to confirm). As it turned out, it was quiet (rainy day?), only about 10 tables full. But wow. The service was a B+, the food was an A, and the atmosphere was a B+ (far less obnoxiously hip than I expected). I had the jumbo scallops ($16); my fellow diner had the goat cheese ravioli ($12). We really loved them both. Portions were not huge, but the quality, taste, presentation was perfect. We both had room left for dessert, so we each ordered the chocolate lava cake, which was served with a scoop of mint choc. chip ice cream ($7). YUM!!! I had a delicious french press coffee, too. The menu seemed to have a good range of salads and sandwiches in the $9-13 range. Lots of appetizers and small plates things, too. Personally, I was very, very pleased with this new addition to Downtown, and I'll be going back very soon. NOTE: I forgot to ask if they are officially open 24/7 yet.

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                        Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that they are not as pricey as Blue Velvet... AND they have foie gras!!

                        What did you think of the decor and environment?

                      2. I went on their first week of soft opening (staying open till 2am) though they were hopeful to go 24/7 by now.

                        Most of the food items are in the $10-16 range (priciest thing on dinner menu was steak frites @ $24) and overall I liked the space & the cuisine (I had a croque madame) was decent and solid too. If other dishes pans out as well, mode would probably be on my "Plan B" list of places to go if first choices turn out to be a bust.

                        For some pics & more details: http://la-oc-foodie.blogspot.com/2007...


                        1. Does anyone know what happened to Mode? It seems to have closed before I even got there! Very mysterious...

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