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Sep 23, 2007 02:46 PM

Non-dairy pizza?

It's heresy, I know, but what I'm after is this: New York pizza, the good stuff you smell when you walk around town, without the real cheese. It can be soy cheese or cheeseless, but it's got to agree with the system of someone who's pretty badly lactose intolerant.

I hit Freddie & Pepper's (74th & Amsterdam) whenever I can for the soy cheese slices, but I've yet to find any other spots. Most places will make you a whole pie w/o cheese if you want, but I'm after slices in particular.

The other problem is that most places that do make such things assume it's a vegan/vegetarian issue, so you get these gluten-free soy cheese slices with organic veggies on them.

I love pepperoni. A lot. They always add it for me at F&P, but still, it's a hassle.

Am I asking too much? Or are there spots on the island worth hitting with regular crust - soy cheese - pepperoni - lots of sauce - fold it in half goodness?

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  1. I hear that this place has great, NEW YORK style pizza - they cater to vegans, but should suit what you're looking for (alas, I'm Bronx, myself, so I'll never know)...

    1. viva herbal on 2nd avenue & 10th st makes wonderful nondairy pizza. it's a vegetarian restaurant so no pepperoni, but they've got a lot of delicious topping options that should satisfy you.

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        There's another outpost on B'way in the 90s, if memory serves.